Case Studies

I Am All I Need to Be – Part One

Ginny attempted suicide two months earlier. She was under the care of a psychiatrist. Her family urged her to have a Scalar Heart Connection session because she had grown despondent. She said she kept waking up in the morning with a lot of anguish and unbearable feelings of panic, fear, and pain. She said she felt abandoned, anxious and had been carrying pain her whole life. She defined the word pain to mean the feeling of being alone, unloved, and…

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Permission to Live Life Fearlessly

A Case Study: Janet received a Call to Adventure when she got into a car accident. It was her fourteenth. She wanted to do a Scalar Heart Connection session to see if she could get to the bottom of why she continued to have car accidents. During her session, her heart directed her to the pelvis chakra and the emotion: “cravings.” She immediately identified the feeling of craving with wanting to feel nurtured by her father. She related that when…

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The Heart Opens the Way for Mother and Daughter to Bond

Melinda felt disconnected from her infant daughter. She wanted to do a Scalar Heart Connection session around bonding with her child, but at the last minute she changed it to “bonding with my mother.” The chakra/emotional center holding this issue was the heart. The archetypal pattern of the heart center is 5-2-8. The number 5 relates to the fifth house of Leo, the lion, the manifestation of personal power and creativity. The second house is the house of personal resources…

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