By Maria Elena Mahler

For ages, if not eons, women, children, and marginalized souls have lost the power of their speech.

We did the ASK YOUR HEART app to get guidance on how to heal the power of speech, communication, and the expression of our voices that many of us and our ancestors have lost through time.

Our heart showed us that the blockage we all carry is at the level of the stomach, the Fire chakra, and the emotion is an undigested feeling. 

It is good to remember that when we are doing a session about communication or a relationship it means that there is another person invovled. Therefore, the session is no longer about you or the other person, it is about the relationship or in this session’s case it is about how we speak to one another. The energy of this communication is what “needs healing”.

The Fire Ckakra is represented by the fire element and the planets Mars and Jupiter. This already gives clues about its masculine qualities.

The negative mind statement about the current speech is “I am excessively authoritarian / aggressive / manipulative / violent.” This is a statement that will come out of someone from Mars, or a real “macho-man”. When the qualities of Mars are out of balance and there is too much fire, then there will be too much violence in their words, too much aggression in their speech, or too much manipulation in their communication.

The Heart showed that what we need is Stillness, which is what will allow us to release whatever unresolved past negative undigested feelings we are still holding on to.

Stillness cannot be acheived by continuing the habbit of miscommunication, aggression, violence, etc. When we enter stillness we allow ourselves to enter the space of non action, like when the wind stops blowing on the fire.

Stillness means not to react, to simply be still in that silence and if you like you can repeat the mantra below to enter that calm space until you are nothing but a perfect calm and mirror-like lake:

Positive Heart Message “I trust in the Innate Intelligence of my Heart to nurture and take care of me. “