We are very proud and honored to present Scalar Heart Connection Certified Instructors. These naturally gifted teachers and experienced therapists in multiple personal transformation disciplines and experts in the process of Scalar Heart Connection. Instructors are approved and overseen by Stephen Linsteadt, Founder of Scalar Heart Connection.

Only Certified and Approved Instructors of Scalar Heart Connection are allowed to teach the process in person with groups or online. Anyone teaching the process that is not listed on this page as a Certified Instructor are not qualified by experience are doing so without legal authorization to use copyrighted Workshop materials.

Natascha Julião Martinez

Natascha Martinez

Locations: Brasil & Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Instructor Website:


Contact and Biographical Information

Natascha is a therapist, facilitator of PSYCH-K®️, Scalar Heart Connection, Quantum Activist, Student of Philosophy and Reikiana, with experience in online and face-to-face care in Portugal and Brazil.

She researched human development for more than 15 years, and after much study, practice and experience of her own journey, she focused her therapy practice on very innovative, dynamic and efficient techniques, which in short, aim to awaken and activate what her clients actually WANT, their maximum expression, so they are not going through life doing what they don’t want or letting opportunities pass them by.

“My journey through this amazing technique that is Scalar Heart Connection started as a calling.

More about Natascha

I was in an intense process of self-knowledge, and in an afternoon of internet research, I found a therapist talking about the tool. I was very interested because it was innovative, quantum, and spoke to my heart. Immediately, I downloaded the short version on my phone and logged in. I confess that I was delighted and at the same time very surprised! How could something there, in the palm of my hand, have spoken with so much sense and precision about what I was experiencing at that moment? It touched my soul deeply.

I went in search of videos and books about Scalar Heart Connection, and finally training. As soon as I finished my studies, I integrated the tool into my appointments as a therapist.

After many years on this journey and many hours of sessions, I can assure you that this technique, designed for us to explore the negative beliefs of the subconscious mind and safely bring them to the conscious mind through the responses of our heart’s magnetic waves, is extremely effective, contemporary, safe, and life-changing.

The possibility of offering my clients a bridge of connection with their own inner wisdom, passing through their beliefs, memories and subconscious patterns that prevent them from getting to where they really want and where their soul points is a privilege and an honor.

I just have to say thank you that Scalar Heart Connection came to me.”



Sophia Avramides

Locations: English Speaking Countries
Language: English
Instructor Website:


Contact and Biographical Information

Sophia Avramides works with her clients to empower them to strengthen their sense of self and direction, set goals and achieve them, and she supports them to move through life with a deep sense of joy and purpose, as they discover their innate power and begin to speak their truth and live life in alignment with their authentic self. She uses various Energy Healing tools, including Scalar Heart Connection®, which she loves for its simple design and the deep transformations it facilitates. All the tools she uses offer a gentle, effective, quick and powerful path to uncovering the blocks that are holding her clients back from becoming the best version of themselves and living their dreams.

She is a Certified Scalar Heart Connection® Practitioner and Instructor, a Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, Instructor and member of the Resonance Repatterning® International Institute and is currently taking training in the Magui Block® method. She has found these methods to be fantastic tools in helping herself and her clients navigate transitions and challenges of all kinds, including improving relationships, financial and work issues, adapting to new countries, cultures, and languages, and accessing personal strengths and talents. Her love of sport and the personal success she has experienced in using them to improve her own physical, mental, and emotional state and performance in her sport of choice – badminton – has led her to develop specific programs geared towards sport which her clients adore.

More about Sophia

Sophia is a Qualified Instructor of the Scalar Heart Connection® basic seminar. As a former teacher, she loves to support others’ learning and feels privileged to be teaching this amazing technique for overcoming limitations and rewiring the subconscious. Scalar Heart Connection® is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Sophia has two, wonderful teenage children and currently live in São Paulo, Brazil. She speaks three languages fluently – English, Greek and Portuguese. She holds a BSc in Zoology from the University of Nottingham (Nottingham, England) and a MSc in Climate Change from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, England). She has received training in Scalar Heart Connection® and the full basic and advanced series of Resonance Repatterning® seminars. She is currently taking training in the Magui Block® method. She is a Qualified Instructor of two Resonance Repatterning Seminars – Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning and Transforming Primary Patterns with Resonance Repatterning. She also has an Upper Elementary Montessori Teacher Certification from the Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center (Detroit, Michigan), and Infant, Toddler and Twos, and Preschool and Kindergarten Montessori Teacher Certifications from the North American Montessori Centre (Canada).


Helen E. Martinez

Locations: Spanish Speaking Countries
Language: Spanish, English
Instructor Website:


Contact and Biographical Information

“Our Hearts rest on a delicate web connected by threads of love that interlace our Souls. To care for, sustain with balance, and see to it that your Soul is not shattered is my Life Mission.”

Helen is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, who also specialized in Couple and Family Psychotherapy. She was a teacher and Supervisor for over seventeen years in the “Instituto de Salud Mental” and has participated as a speaker in several National Congresses, while maintaining an active forty-year Private Consultation Practice. She is an Advanced Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and a Certified Scalar Heart Connection Practitioner and Instructor.

Helen is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and creator of Vita Yoga by Helen. Having the hobby of dancing to Latin Rhythms for over nine years, she shared multiple Body Movement and Dance Therapy workshops with her teachers Roberto Machado (INBA MTY) and Freddy Ocón (SPORT CITY, DF).

More about Helen

Helen fell in love with Scalar Heart Connection when she was introduced to a system that connected her to the Wisdom of her Heart. She realized that it helped her resolve any pain, anger or upset of the moment and a passion arose to want to share this system with as many people as possible: mother’s and father’s could use it to help their children, to help each other, to help their parents, or to resolve personal situations. Young people who don’t seem to find the time to reach out to professionals or lack the necessary income to do so, could also benefit from Scalar Heart Connection, reconnecting to their True Self, their Authentic Self through the convenience of their cell phone or laptop. And so, it can become a wonderful journey back home, to the Essence of who each person is, and we are all Love.


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