We asked our heart as a collective consciousness what we need today in order to regain harmony within.

The Heart showed that we have a blockage in our Throat Chakra, which is connected to our lungs, our ability to breathe, communicate, and to express our creativity.

As a collective patient, we are trapped in the emotion of sadness. It’s logical to feel this way as we watch the news of the pandemic and how the world has come to a stop. Each of our lives have been affected in almost all areas, our own survival is at stake, and we feel helpless to move forward.

Our collective mind is thinking: “I feel hollow inside and emotionally frozen.”

As a global community experiencing lockdowns and limitations on our daily routines we are down-spiraling with negative thoughts.

When sadness enters our heart and lungs we need to step into appreciation. We can begin to appreciate the air we are breathing; we can appreciate how we as a global community are coming together for the first time in our lives. We have never lived this type of event and we can start appreciating all the gifts this situation is bringing into our lives, such as spending more time with family at home. Think about one thing you can appreciate from where you are right now. Gratitude opens the door of the heart. ️

The positive message from our heart for today is: “I inspire others through my voice.”

We can all step into a higher vibration of thinking, communicating and expressing our creativity. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and transform. More than ever let’s sing, dance and complement each other for our ability to cooperate and for our connection that is beyond time and space.

Listen to the Quantum Healing Code 852 to shift the sadness in our heart and move into the vibration of a strong connection with everyone, Nature, the Planet, and the Divine.

Listen to the Quantum Healing Code 852 while saying out loud: “I inspire others through my voice.”