By Maria Elena Mahler

The planets or grahas are rotating energies that affect us psychologically and physically. As they move through each constellation or Zodiac sign, they present us with events and situations that we can experience on a personal level or on the level of the Global Community or Global Patient, as Jung would call it.

The Collective Consciousness or Global Patient is all of us being affected by these grahas that have specific cycles or timings for the beginning and ending of events. Some planets orbit faster and others slower showing us the duration of these events.

The coronavirus pandemic reveals itself in a Journey of the Hero Pattern that we can use to give us understanding and guidance through this challenging time. The pattern is a 10-2-4 triangle, indicating that the Issue of the pandemic is found in the 10th House ruled by Capricorn, the house of career, work, economic and social structures. The Obstacle or challenge is in the 2nd House of Taurus, the house of our material possessions and what we value. The Action is in the 4th House of Cancer, related to our fears and our relationship to the planet. 

The message of the 10-2-4 Hero Pattern informs us that depression and despair or obstacles and social structures/barriers can affect the Hero’s sense of self-worth and our ability to contribute to the global community.  When this archetypal energy is activated (pandemic),  we are challenged to take a pause and think about what is truly valuable and useful for the Hero’s evolution (us) and the benefit of others. The Hero learns to release their worries and anxieties about personal comfort, preoccupation with having enough (personal resources) and to become grateful for what we do have. The Hero is called to strengthen our sense of self-worth and to become mindful of the needs of others.  Life’s experiences have a way of forcing the Hero into action. The Hero is called to overcome our own fears and negative, repressed emotions and to re-examine our reason for being on Earth.

Furthermore, the New Moon on March 24th is in Pisces, which is conjunct with the Sun and Chiron. Pisces is the house of spirituality, the unconscious, and represents places like jails, hospitals, ashrams, foreign lands, and isolated places. In Pisces, if we are not connected with Spirit, this house makes us feel lost in our own crystallized negative thinking patterns and limiting beliefs, giving rise to issues of anxiety and problems in our nervous system.

This New Moon is an invitation to look inside and get in contact with our biggest fears, those shadows inside of us we do not like to look at or even share with anyone. These are the fears we hold in our subconscious and unconscious mind. Chiron represents the wound we are dealing with, and in Pisces represent our grand disconnection from the Source. Only when we withdraw can we sit quietly and listen to the voice within that we can hear the Music of the Spheres. But we won’t hear anything if our Mind spins with negative thoughts and emotions creating a storm within. Our busy mind keeps us separated from feeling truly connected. Prayer, meditation, and mantras can help to calm the Mind and to reconnect to the Divine. This is the medicine for the Soul. We can practice this by sitting quietly for five minutes a day to start. It will help!

Do not give in with your mind to the unsatisfied desires and the amnesia created by our disconnection to the reality that we are all living as One. Try not to drown yourself in alcohol or get lost in drugs to minimize the heaviness and pain we are all experiencing as we see our “safety net” break and scatter to the wind.

The suffering and pain we are experiencing through the recent global events of this moment are our biggest gift. They force our mind to seek safety in that which is real—the Divine within. We have reached a pivotal point where we can change our ways and rethink what is really important for the global community and for the planet or we can perish as a species.

This combination of the Sun, Moon, and Chiron energies are illuminating the house of health (Virgo). We become aware how a global health issue can make us all “stop life” and “shelter in place.” We feel scared, insecure about the future, and vulnerable to our own physical death. We begin to analyze our time on this plane and how it was before this pandemic and how life can continue after. We confront the challenges of health and isolation, a path that sooner or later we will all experience at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. We come alone and naked and we will leave this plane in the same way.

The South Node (Ketu) is in its own Lunar Mansion, presenting us with the full force of destruction, lockdowns, losses, poverty, and dark energy emerging from the underworld. In a “dark time” like this one, we are invited to surrender in order to stop the destruction. Surrender to allow the events to play their course, realize that material things and financial gain are not at the center of life on this planet. From a place of surrendering, with a change in our consciousness about our true values, we can as a global community start a new way of life. We need to forget the materialistic world we have created for our false sense of security if we want to create a new reality that is reconnected to the Divine as a path for our return to the Ocean of Love.

The North Node (Rahu) or Head of the Dragon shows us our path to transformation and growth is also in its own Lunar Mansion or Nakshatra. This energy is taking all of us to a place of destroying all that we cling to. We are forced to deconstruct our lives on all levels in order to heal. We have been sick as a Global Patient, sick with the consumption of material things and concepts like “security”. This illness of the mind can be healed like a virus can also be healed. This healing is not possible until we all connect with our Inner Self, our own medicine of Light and Love, and become creative with new ways of being happy within. It is an invitation to live more simply, to appreciate what we have been given, and to stop being insatiable with the consumption of status, power, and the resources of our planet.

Jupiter, the graha of expansion, spiritual connection, higher knowledge, and healing is in the last degree of Sagittarius, inviting us to revisit the lessons of the previous twelve months. What did we see, experience, and live in 2019? Whatever took us away from being ourselves, of experiencing true inner happiness and freedom, has now changed. If we did not flow with these changes, we may now experience great suffering, loss, separation, and unhappiness. Jupiter is in its own house, one of the most spiritual houses, and for a year it has been inviting us to expand our views and perspective of who we are in the Grand Cosmos. We may have encountered alternative ways of healing and higher knowledge, and spiritual information showing us that there is a path other than the rigid structures already established by government, religious dogma, cultural and educational systems. 

Saturn, the Lord of karma, work, career, employees, structures, limitations, and illness to name a few, is leading Pluto and Mars through the sign of Capricorn. Saturn presents us with our biggest opportunity to transform and grow.

Pluto and Mars are together (conjunct) in the sign of Capricorn. They are inviting us to face our own inner death, the ending of the world as we know it, to face our limitations and restrictions, and to learn to be patient. The Creation continues with or without us. We can participate by surrendering our egos and die to our old self so change of consciousness can emerge.

How else would we all stop, stay home, and rethink our values?  How else would the powers of governments stop the chain of greed and self-gratification through favoring laws for themselves and not for the people of this planet? How else would the failing structures of health and education change if we never stop to think how we can better these for the present and future generations? How else can we stop the rat race we have created along with the long list of material things we each “need” in order to be “happy”? 

This inner death, this change in our views and consciousness, are the seeds for a New World.

The timing is now. And for the next two and half years all the structures, including governments, education, religions, health, travel and entertainment will change so we can recreate a new path to inner happiness. This path is not the selfish path of material wealth. This is a path of community and union, without discrimination of age, race, or social economical status. Inside we are all the same: One Heart, and we are all connected to each other. What we do or say to our neighbors on the other side of the wall will come back tenfold.

Volunteer work, self-sacrifice, donations, and helping those we can aid is at the forefront of our actions now. We are all given a set of talents and passions that we can implement in a new and creative way. Identify those talent you have on an individual level and get in touch with new ideas of how to use them for the good of all. When we align our Spirit and emotional bodies with a project that is for the highest good of All, the Universe will do everything to make it possible. It will open all the doors for the plan to manifest. Possibilities arise, new healing and medicines comes to aid, new forms of jobs and services that are satisfactory in our hearts are created, so the inner and outer structures of our society can be rebalanced.

We are living one of the greatest times of our era. We are presented with the forces of surrender and self-sacrifice. These vibrations can bring us all together so when we re-create new structures we do so after thinking how they will help others and not be thinking only about ourselves or the survival of our own tribe. We are a global community and we are all in this together. The healing of our Hearts has begun and we can all participate by slowing down, connecting with or families and each other with love and compassion.