Heart Circles

Heart Circles provide an experience of the Scalar Heart Connection process to help participants find emotional blockages, limiting ancestral patterns, and negative mindsets that prevent us from living the positive life we deserve.

In these group gatherings, we come together within a collective heart field that guides us to hightened awareness and clarity into any problem we may be experiencing. The heart will also inform us of the changes we need to make in order to realize our dreams. It is an opportunity to share with like minded hearts so we can all come together in the wholeness of being.

Heart circles can help you see what has been holding you back from attaining the peace, health, love, self-love, and divine connection you deserve.

What do you want to change: issues with relationship, sexual problems, problems with abundance, health, vitality, creativity, or just wanting a deeper connection to your purpose?

We tend to repeat behavioral patterns from our family, sometimes without being conscious of doing so. Through Scalar Heart Connection these subconscious and limiting belief patterns can be uncovered and resolved.

Please note that you are not required to share an issue or problem with the group. Participants will be selected randomly to have a session. Please note that deep healing can occur simply from being present in the healing field. 

To experience a Heart Circle, go to Agenda for a list of events in your area or contact us for more information or to request a circle in your area.



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