What is Scalar Heart Connection

Scalar Heart Connection is a simple process for helping people connect with their heart’s innate knowing.

The process taps into the source of synchronicity through the innate knowing of the heart. The method allows us to bypass the mind’s reactivity so we can hear the heart’s loving messages to us and identifies what is holding us back from realizing our full potential and unique gifts.

It works because the heart’s vibration (beating) is in harmony with the vibration of the quantum field. Therefore, it knows what the Field knows and the Field is a field of Infinite Intelligence. The interface between our heart and the Field is number. Number represents a vibration. If we ask, our heart will show us a number, and that number is related to a matrix of answers — of what we need to know in order to be guided by heart-consciousness.
You can try it for free here: FREE Scalar Heart Connection Demonstration
Or learn how to become proficient as a practitioner or to just do sessions on yourself or family here: Online Training
In person training is available here: About Training
  • Let the process guide you to what your heart already knows about your mind’s inner conflict and struggles so you can flood your life with the joy that comes from being your authentic self.
  • Experience a tool that will empower you to be your own guide through your limiting beliefs and provide you with the first steps to becoming what your heart really desires.
  • Let your heart show you the archetypal patterns that present themselves as obstacles to help us transform and grow.
  • Uncover the limiting ancestral inheritance patterns from your parent’s parents; the ones that condition our negative beliefs and reactions.
  • Discover the Quantum Healing Codes™ and how their vibrations come together to support greater coherence within the resonance of what we want to create in our life.

Introduction to Scalar Heart Connection by Stephen Linsteadt

Interview with Susan Hill:

Introduction in Portuguese with Andre Mantovanni:

The Quantum Healing Codes and Scalar Heart Connection:

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