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Scalar Heart Connection® is a simple process for helping people connect with their heart’s innate knowing.

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The process will help you identify what is holding you back from realizing your full potential and unique gifts.

These online videos will teach you to use the Scalar Heart Connection process as an essential tool for opening your heart to the vibration of unlimited intelligence and the guidance it provides.

Take the Workshop Online and Learn How:

  • The health of our cells depends on the vibration of our emotions.
  • The heart knows what we are feeling before the brain does.
  • Our heart is in synch to the rhythms of Nature, Earth, and beyond.
  • Quantum Healing Codes™ reveal the heart’s energetic geometry.
  • When our heart’s energetic geometry is coherent, we can manifest our deepest desires

Learn the process so you can identify and shift limiting beliefs into positive resonances aligned with what is life-enhancing.

Learn the process so you can help your self, family, and friends connect to their highest potential.


Stephen Linsteadt is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection®. He is the author of Scalar Heart Connection, The Quantum Healing Codes, The Heart of the Heroand co-author of The Heart of Health;  the Principles of Physical Health and Vitality. He has lectured extensively on the subject of the mind-body connection as well as created and conducted workshops in the area of physical health and emotional well-being.

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What Others Are Saying About the Course:

Your presentation of ideas and concepts thread through time in antiquity. I have yet to come across someone whose work is so comprehensive, integrated, and palatable for all. This is the kind of integration of ideas I believe is being called for to connect – connect us all. If in fact, we are all connected and “it is” all connected, your work ties this together beautifully from both a science and faith perspective. To me, this bridge, this rainbow bridge, is integral at this time. When we ‘see’ the big picture, we are able to have full perspective bridging time and space and all matter/matters. On behalf of humanity (whether they see it or not), thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do & have done. This is the great work.

~ Patricia Streloff, WA

I have been searching my whole adult life looking for answers and after meeting you and Maria Elena and your work I really feel I can finally let go of searching. Thanks to you and Maria Elena for bringing this work to us. I feel like there is nothing better for looking for answers and resolutions within my own divine heart and getting into sync with nature and the universe. How much better does it get than that?

Leann, Idaho

I am very grateful to the Universe for giving me this amazing tool that is Scalar Heart Connection. With it I am able to make my sessions more powerful as a Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Coach, Pedagogue and Psychopedagogy. With each session I am more in love with this heart connection tool. Thank you Stephen and Maria Elena for giving us this incredible work that helps us daily in our personal lives and as therapists.

~ Vanessa Serra, Ribeirão Preto – SP, Brazil

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