Scalar Heart Connection Workshops

Hear what your heart has to say about what prevents you from experiencing joy and inner connection and harmony.

At the Scalar Heart Connection workshop, you will learn how to identify what is preventing you from experiencing what you want and deserve.  Most importantly, you will learn you how to entrain the resonance of your desires into patterns that attract what is life enhancing.  You will become an expert on how to use this process on yourself and how you can apply it with your clients and loved ones.

We conduct the following workshops:

Scalar Heart Connection Practitioner Basic Training

This workshop is designed to teach people how to use the process of Scalar Heart Connection for themselves, clients, and loved ones.  It provides a deeper understanding into how the heart is connected to the infinite Field of Knowing and how our ancestor’s experiences affect our behavior and limiting beliefs that interfere with relationships, career, and life purpose.

Discover the Quantum Healing Codes as vibrations to align us with our positive intentions.

Learn and gain full access to the practitioner version of the Scalar Heart Connection process and be a pro with the Ask Your Heart APP.

Recommended readings English Books & Portuguese Books

Download and get familiar with the APP Ask Your Heart (English) Pergunte a su Coracao (Portuguese) (Chinese) (Espanol) (German).

The Heart of the Hero Workshop

You will gain insight into your life as a personal Hero’s Journey and the archetypal patterns that move you to growth and personal transformation. You will get deeper knowledge about the Chakras as a Spiritual Journey. Experience an easy-to-use method of how to walk the Heart of the Hero Journey. The basic Practitioner Workshop is required before taking this workshop.

Certificates of Completion are available by email after you have taken each course. See below for Practitioner Certification for those who want to become Practitioners of Scalar Heart Connection.


Students who have taken the SHC Practitioner Basic Workshop and have completed a minimum of five sessions on other people are qualified to be observed by the instructor or her designate for certification. The observation can be done by sending audio of the session to the instructor you took the class from. The purpose of the observation is for the student to show they are familiar with how to do a Scalar Heart Connection session and are comfortable and competent working with a client.

Certified Practitioners will be added to the list of practitioners on this page.

Contact your instructor to arrange a date and time for the observation.

What Others Are Saying About the Training:

Gratitude God, Universe, spirituality and my heart for this weekend. Gratitude for all the answers. Gratitude for bringing this instrument of healing, which brings such a precision of what needs to be looked at. With this process, I want to help more people find inner harmony and harmony with the planet and help them access more clearly everything that is stuck and that needs to be given a place.

~ Tatiana Carvalho

The tone was set when I was reminded that at the fundamental sub-atomic level of our being, we are only energy and we carry within us the Source energy of which we are all a part. The entire day was a lesson in how the flow of this energy within, between, and around the cells of our physical/cellular structure determines our state of wellness. The “aha” for me in this was a clear, no-nonsense presentation on the intricate electrical interaction of the cells and how it all works together for our heath. I was particularly impressed by the explanation of the Scalar Heart Connection and the invitation to “move the energy potential into action through our intention.” I highly recommend reading their book, The Heart of Health for a deeper understanding of this field of unlimited potential which can be directed for healing ourselves and others. I was also delighted to see how HR is used in their work and combined with scalar wave amplification for the healing of their patients. I found this seminar to be informative and inspirational and I experienced it as supportive of life on all levels.

~ Jennifer Johnson, ARNP, Washington

The tools provided at this workshop are priceless and I cannot even begin to describe the bounty of gifts you will receive by becoming a Scalar Heart Connection Practitioner. I have had clients use these tools who have lost over 70 pounds and who have transformed their financial situations from lack to abundance. I use these awesome tools on my clients and on myself and am consistently amazed with the great results.

~ Dorothy Lee Donahue

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