Stephen’s online Scalar Heart Connection course is fantastic!
He has videotaped very clear and comprehensive classes that are full of knowledge and Wisdom.
I am a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, an Advanced Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, who created  “Vita Yoga by Helen”.
Each class has completed my understanding in so many different areas, that it blows me away.
The Loving kindness in Stephen’s guidance is so heart warming that it motivates me to use this tool when I myself spiral down, when my loved ones need help and when my clients need to ask their hearts for help. 
Scalar Heart Connection sky-rockets any other system, therapy or tool by identifying the hero’s journey and helping the person face their dragons and relinquish them, by recognizing the issue that is creating a problem, the obstacle they have to face and the action they need and are ready to take to resolve the problem. 
My fondest appreciation  to Stephen for such a wonderful system accesible to anyone, for any purpose,  online.
~ Helen, Mexico

I gave you the highest marks on everything. I think this method is easy to use and really gets to the heart of the matter.   In my group, our presenting issue led us to a deeper issue.  I also like the fact that there is very little guidance from the therapist. It really comes from the person and from their heart–not their head.  What a unique opportunity to learn more and dig deeper.

H. Crandall

I am very happy with my achievement! Thank you for bringing to the world this wonderful tool to guide our journey in this world! At first I did the course to improve my understanding of the phrases that came out on the App because some did not make sense to me, or when I used the App to someone else. I’m very delighted with how much the full version can go so deep in the answers. Taking the course made my eyes wide. With each session done, I see that it’s getting easier to do the next one. I found the course online good, didactic, the demonstration with Maria Elena was also important to visualize the practice.

Rute, Brasil

My Scalar Heart Connection session really helped me to dig deeper into things I know about myself and exposed pains and patterns deeply embedded in me. I am actually very excited to work on making some positive changes; the surgery may be over but much of my work has just begun. Thank you for creating a space where I could be vulnerable and allow myself to listen to myself. The session helped me open doors that I will continue to walk through and explore for probably the rest of my life and for that I am truly grateful. 

~ Mary – Colorado

I am very grateful to the Universe for giving me this amazing tool that is Scalar Heart Connection. With it I am able to make my sessions more powerful as a Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Coach, Pedagogue and Psychopedagogy. With each session I am more in love with this heart connection tool. Thank you Stephen and Maria Elena for giving us this incredible work that helps us daily in our personal lives and as therapists.

~ Vanessa Serra, Ribeirão Preto – SP, Brazil

Gratitude God, Universe, spirituality and my heart for this weekend. Gratitude for all the answers. Gratitude to Stephen and Maria Elena for bringing this instrument of healing, which brings such a precision of what needs to be looked at. With this process, I want to help more people find inner harmony and harmony with the planet and help them access more clearly everything that is stuck and that needs to be given a place.

~ Tatiana Carvalho

“Scalar Heart Connection helps you look deeper into yourself. It is like a flashlight. It raises your consciousness as you do it.”

~ Dr. Michael Smith, MD


“A practitioner played one of the tracks from the Quantum Healing Codes for me and little by little I could feel it vibrating each one of the cells of my body. This effect was intense in my brain. For 5 or 10 minutes my mind was immersed in an ocean of welfare and of calm; I was firm in the center of my same, conscious one of all my life, I was capable of understanding it all. When it finished the session, the therapist asked us to each one on the experience. I said that never have I felt like this, without the fear and the anxiety that had dominated me for a long time. During the following months the experience continued echoing in my head, as if I were still there, seated and listening to the quantum healing codes. Something very subtle and powerful caused felt me to feel strong and competent without even a gram of fear. I felt deeply optimistic and with an unknown harmony, as if I were surrounded and floating in an energy that emanated from within myself.”

Enrique Lozano

“I just wanted to thank you, Stephen, for all that you have done for me. I didn’t really know how things would work and so I had no expectations. I am happily in shock over how well your directions have done! Night and day differences. I eagerly watch to see more in the future.”

Vallery, Grass Valley

“I am beginning to feel much better, I am exercising without so much pain and discomfort afterward and I am gaining energy and a sense of well-being. Could be your “Heart of Health” CD don’t you think? I have a digital copy on my PDA and I listen to it when I have trouble going back to sleep when I awaken during the night, and I appreciate it very much.

~ Tom Mattoon

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