Quantum Healing Codes

Ask Your Heart about the Coronavirus

We asked our heart as a collective consciousness what we need today in order to regain harmony within. The Heart showed that we have a blockage in our Throat Chakra, which is connected to our lungs, our ability to breathe, communicate, and to express our creativity. As a collective patient, we are trapped in the emotion of sadness. It’s logical to feel this way as we watch the news of the pandemic and how the world has come to a…

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Holding Family Secrets

Amelia wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session because she was having pain on her right side. She was waking up with pain on the right side of her neck, right foot, and sciatic. The right side of the body is often related to issues with father. Issues with the neck can involve an unwillingness to be flexible, to feel an injustice, or to feel over-burdened. Amelia’s heart showed her that the THROAT CHAKRA was the disrupted energy center holding the…

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image by Avi Richards

Staying Connected to the Divine

At the end of a Healing Circle, the group asked to do a session about being connected to the Divine. They wanted to always remain connected. The discussion about this led to an idea that perhaps we wouldn’t be here if we were always connected. Being in constant connection to the Divine is a singularity of consciousness. Some believe that our goal in life is to achieve that singularity and consequently our life experiences help us to remember the Divine.…

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