At the end of a Healing Circle, the group asked to do a session about being connected to the Divine. They wanted to always remain connected. The discussion about this led to an idea that perhaps we wouldn’t be here if we were always connected. Being in constant connection to the Divine is a singularity of consciousness. Some believe that our goal in life is to achieve that singularity and consequently our life experiences help us to remember the Divine.

It is also easy for us to forget the Divine while we are busy pursuing our ambitions. Like electrons, we are in our lowest energy state at the core, where we are occupied by the tasks and worries of everyday life. When electrons escape this state, they acquire energy in the form of photons. In the same way, when our thoughts go towards the Divine, we are also filled with more light – higher levels of consciousness.

The process of Scalar Heart Connection helps us to see our problems and preoccupations with life through the eyes of our heart. Our heart is connected to the Knowing Field. As such, it points us towards the Divine—the Source. A Zen proverb says, “We don’t find the answers. We lose the question.” We lose the question when we surrender to heart-consciousness and trust the Divine.

From this perspective, the group decided to do the session to make it easier to go through our problems without losing our balance and connection to the Divine. Using the Ask Your Heart App, we took turns asking our hearts to show us the numbers we needed in the session.

Our collective heart showed us that the issue was related to our Heart Chakra and the Emotion of being Selfish. It is our selfishness that keeps our attention pointed towards our problems, instead of trusting in the Divine or considering the needs of those around us.

The session also showed us that our Negative Thinking was: “I feel burdened by tasks and obligations.” This happens when our mind reacts to everything happening to us instead of viewing events as opportunities for personal growth. It is also part of being ‘selfish.’

Our collective heart then showed us that what we were missing was the vibration of “Unity in Community.” By expanding our conscious awareness to those around us we can tap into the perspective of seeing everything and everyone as part of the Divine. Then, everything we do is connected to the Divine.

In order to make the shift to being more connected to the Divine, our collective heart gave us the Positive Statement: “I am connected to the Spirit of Nature, to the Planet, and its Inhabitants.”

To help integrate this new way of being, we all listened to a Quantum Healing Code selected by our heart.

At the end, we all felt lighter—fewer burdens and more light.

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Image: avi-richards-374974-unsplash