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Staying Connected to the Divine

At the end of a Healing Circle, the group asked to do a session about being connected to the Divine. They wanted to always remain connected. The discussion about this led to an idea that perhaps we wouldn’t be here if we were always connected. Being in constant connection to the Divine is a singularity of consciousness. Some believe that our goal in life is to achieve that singularity and consequently our life experiences help us to remember the Divine.…

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Positive Communication

Amelia wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session because she was having a conflict with her oldest son. Amelia’s heart showed her that the conflict was coming from an issue in the Crown Chakra. The archetypal Quantum Healing Code pattern for the Crown Chakra is about unresolved feelings stemming from the past that can turn to anger and rage. When this happens, we may blame others, become greedy, or seek power and control. The need to control others or situations can…

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Sleep Issues Coming from a Past Life

Olivia wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session because she had not been able to sleep for more than an hour or so at night, a maximum of three hours, since she was eight-years-old. Olivia’s heart directed her to the Throat Chakra, which is the center for sleep. Her heart also told her that her negative mind-brain belief was that her creativity and self-expression was blocked. Her heart wanted her to move into a more positive belief about deeply appreciating and…

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What is Collective Consciousness and How is it Utilized in Scalar Heart Connection

The concept of the collective consciousness is important in the process of Scalar Heart Connection as our individual growth may conflict with the norms and expectations of our group. Our attempt to go beyond the group can cause a sense of disconnection, leading to fear, anxiety, and/or isolation. Sociologist Émile Durkheim developed the concept of collective consciousness to explain how unique individuals are bound together into social groups and societies through shared beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and traditions.[1]  Durkheim referred to…

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