The concept of the collective consciousness is important in the process of Scalar Heart Connection as our individual growth may conflict with the norms and expectations of our group. Our attempt to go beyond the group can cause a sense of disconnection, leading to fear, anxiety, and/or isolation.

Sociologist Émile Durkheim developed the concept of collective consciousness to explain how unique individuals are bound together into social groups and societies through shared beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and traditions.[1]  Durkheim referred to collective consciousness as something “common to the whole of society” and not something belonging to the individual.[1]  The individual, however, in their desire to belong, internalizes the collective consciousness and makes it a reality by living and behaving according to the patterns of the group.

When group consciousness holds us in limitation, we can use the Scalar Heart Connection process to ask our heart to show us the origin of our limiting belief or negative behavior within the section labeled ‘Earlier Experience’. The Earlier Experience contains the subcategories: Ancestral/Genetic, an Age, Birth Process, and Collective Consciousness. The Collective Consciousness option is expanded to incorporate four possible origins:  

Family/Tribe represents the collective belief or behavior pattern of the family or tribal unit at large. It may still be an inherited pattern, but it is not specific to any one person or ancestor.

For example: When there is an exclusion or interruption of the order of love in the family system, our heart will take us to Ancestral/Genetic and direct us to the specific individual. When family consciousness comes up it is because we are resonating with a belief that runs through the family without a specific person or ancestor involved. It shows up as a collective family belief about the role of women in the family; the role of men; “Children should be seen and not heard;” “We are unwanted minorities;” etc.

Societal Belief represents the presence of a collective belief stemming from our society’s world-view as well as our cultural or religious upbringing. Our family system is also involved in this pattern, but its source originates from a larger societal system.

For example: A client, we’ll call her Jane, wanted to know what was holding her back from being successful in her career. Her heart showed her the origin of the issue could be found under Collective Consciousness. Jane recalled that her father came from an indigenous community that didn’t use money. They only traded because their background, collective conscious, came from a community enslaved by those who dominated for the sake of money. Jane’s mother also came from a social background of slavery where women submitted to those in power with money. Consequently, the community didn’t want anything to do with money. Jane’s heart showed her the resulting belief within her social collective consciousness was: “Money is the root of all evil.”

Soul Group consciousness arises from experiences we agreed to go through in this life in order to teach us and help us grow on the soul level. While this may be true for all experiences, our Soul Group extends beyond the family/ancestral level by including friends, associates, and encounters with strangers.

According to hypnotherapists Michael Newton (Journey of Souls; Case Studies of Life Between Lives) and Robert Schwartz (Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You were Born) there is clinical evidence that our most difficult experiences with relationships, illness, death of a loved one, accidents, etc. were planned before we were born—planned by us and a group of souls who have traveled with us through spacetime for many lifetimes. The purpose is to use our challenges for spiritual growth and healing.

The soul group extends beyond the family system. It comes up in the Scalar Heart Connection process when the characters people play in helping us overcome our fears or lack of compassion are not related to our family or ancestral system.

When Soul Group consciousness comes up in a client’s session, ask them to reflect on what lessons they have learned from their experience. Ask them to visualize the people involved as loving helpers instead of adversaries. You can use family constellation dolls to form a Soul Group circle around the client for them to see all the love and support they have been receiving all along. This also helps clients step out of being a victim and gain a higher more positive perspective.   

Past Life consciousness may include ancestral and soul group relationships, but may also signify an experience or relationship from a past life that is from a distinct and different family tree than the one we are born into now.

Michael Newton shares how past life regressions can help people eliminate pain. One of his clients suffered from chronic pain on his right side. Through regression therapy he uncovered that in a former life his client was killed by a bayonet in World War I. With this awareness, the pain was eliminated altogether. [2]

For Example: Past Life consciousness came up for a client during a Scalar Heart Connection session. Because his session was related to his relationship with his mother, we suspected that the past life issue included her. The client was asked to sit in an empty chair across from him and to feel the presence of his mother. In a short time, he said he could see himself as his mother in a past life. He said she was very small, like an unborn child. With that insight, the client saw how the role of mother and son were reversed in a past life. It gave him clarity into the dynamics of the relationship in this life.

In all cases, it is not necessary to find the details around the early experience. When the heart directs us to one category or the other, our subconscious is aware of the event and the lesson. Give your client time to feel the feeling behind the pattern. If more information is needed, your intuition will tell you. The steps in the process before and after the Earlier Experience will also add to the story and the healing experience of the session.

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[2] Newton, Michael, Journey of Souls; Case Studies of Life Between Lives, (Llewellyn Publications,1994).