Amelia wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session because she was having pain on her right side. She was waking up with pain on the right side of her neck, right foot, and sciatic. The right side of the body is often related to issues with father. Issues with the neck can involve an unwillingness to be flexible, to feel an injustice, or to feel over-burdened.

Amelia’s heart showed her that the THROAT CHAKRA was the disrupted energy center holding the problem. Amelia said she felt overburdened with her daughter. She said there is no husband at home to help her. “She won’t clean up after herself. She is 27. She treats me like I am the maid. Her attitude can be humiliating. . . a lack of respect. I lost my dignity at home.”

The Archetypal Quantum Healing Codes Pattern informed us that Issues with mental health or a sense of well-being can arise from mind-brain conditioning that judges self and others. We are called to realize that we do not have anything to prove and that we are connected to the Divine. This gave Amelia a sense of understanding that perhaps she has been overly critical of herself and those around her.

The Emotion activated by the Issue was: “Grief.” Amelia said she feels like she is grieving the loss of her dignity.

The Negative Mind-Brain conditioned response or Belief surrounding the unresolved Emotion of grief was: “I am afraid to express my truth.” Amelia said, “I am afraid/ashamed that if I speak my truth people will think I am crazy. It is a sickening feeling that stays inside when I don’t speak to my daughter. She is leaving soon, so I wonder why to bother to say anything.”

The Positive Response message from Amelia’s heart was: “I am a spiritual channel for creative expression.” Amelia said, “As a lawyer, I use my voice and expression to help women get what is their fair amount in inheritance cases.”

The Organ (meridian) involved was the LUNGS and the statement: “I am a light in the world.” To this, Amelia said, “I feel like a shadow.” According to Chinese Medicine, the lung meridian is ruled by the element of metal. Metal is related to both value (money or self-value) and father.

Amelia’s heart showed her that the Level of this Unresolved Issue was “Mental” and related to low Self-Esteem. 

Amelia’s heart showed her that the Origin of this Issue came from the Birth Process, specifically while she was in the Eighth month in the womb. Amelia recalled that she was the second child and that while she was in the womb her mother saw her father (husband) with her sister in an inappropriate way. “Even though my mother was not respected she stayed with my father because she needed the financial support. She later had eleven more children and became mentally imbalanced. She died when I was sixteen. She poured alcohol on her face to cool her forehead and it somehow caught fire. She died five days later. The priest thought is was a suicide.” Amelia then remembered that when she was five years old, her family moved and as a result got a pain in her side because she didn’t want to move. My feelings weren’t respected.”

Amelia’s heart showed her that what was missing from her field as a result of her earlier experience was the resonance of “Independence.” Amelia said, “Yes, my mother was not independent, and I don’t feel independent either.”

The Archetypal Hero Pattern fine-tunes the Issue, Obstacle, and Action to help put the “Story” into a clearer perspective. In this way, the resulting “Positive Statement” reaches deep into our sub-conscious and into the essential message from our heart. Amelia’s heart showed her the Archetypal Hero Pattern 9-5-3, which is about meaning and purpose. It was asking Amelia to broaden her viewpoint. It is about higher learning, big projects that reach out to the social realm, travel, and expanded ideas. When we are not centered in heart-consciousness we can feel rejected or isolated and unable to move forward with big ideas. The challenge for Amelia is one of self-identity and how she expresses her full creativity and self-confidence.

The Negative Mind-Brain Response to her heart’s challenge was the statement: “I am afraid to express my truth.” Amelia realized that when she was eight months in the womb, she became a witness to her mother’s secret. She was born feeling she could not express herself fully and completely. On one level she became a lawyer to help other women express their needs so they would not lose out on their inheritance. However, on a personal level, she still needed to help herself learn to express her full creativity and power so she could be a light in the world and thereby also help people by her example. Amelia said her heart had just shown her that she no longer must care about other people’s feelings because other people are responsible for themselves (i.e. her daughter). She also realized “THERE IS NO LONGER A SECRET I HAVE TO KEEP.” This allowed her to now move forward with courage and trust.

The Positive Statement Amelia created for herself was: “I am a spiritual channel for creative expression and communication, and I am a light in the world.”

The Mind Resistance (mind-brain resistance to what the heart actually wants) that came up for Amelia was: “I fear being nothing.” Amelia responded, “I felt invisible because I was not doing anything. I am going to be different now and speak with courage (courage and trust to speak).” She had lacked courage because she was hiding a secret. . . “I feel like a shadow.”

Amelia’s heart wanted her to listen the Quantum Healing Code #741 (Track 5) while doing zip-ups to strengthen her.

The Positive Action was: “Prayer/Meditation”

Session is Complete!

A few weeks later, Amelia reported that the pain in her neck and right side had improved a lot. “I no longer have any sever crisis and I can see that I am getting a little better every day and I feel stronger, more confident, and more courageous to express myself. It makes me very happy and I am grateful to you and for the work you have developed.”