Ask Your Heart about the Coronavirus

We asked our heart as a collective consciousness what we need today in order to regain harmony within. The Heart showed that we have a blockage in our Throat Chakra, which is connected to our lungs, our ability to breathe, communicate, and to express our creativity. As a collective patient, we are trapped in the emotion of sadness. It’s logical to feel this way as we watch the news of the pandemic and how the world has come to a…

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FREE Guided Meditation for Health and Light in all Your Cells.

We understand your deep concern and taking preventive measures is the best action plan for now. In our experience, recorded in our book “The Heart of Health,” we share how viruses are controlled by our own immune system by staying alkaline, drinking natural or purified water, getting enough sunlight, and practicing some body movement everyday. Don’t give in to the negative thinking that down spirals into depressed, dark matter. We can sing and tune our hearts to the heart of…

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