We understand your deep concern and taking preventive measures is the best action plan for now. In our experience, recorded in our book “The Heart of Health,” we share how viruses are controlled by our own immune system by staying alkaline, drinking natural or purified water, getting enough sunlight, and practicing some body movement everyday. Don’t give in to the negative thinking that down spirals into depressed, dark matter. We can sing and tune our hearts to the heart of the Cosmos. We can pray to build a strong field around us, around our family, around our friends, around our community, city, region, state, country, and around every heart of this planet with no distinction of color, race, age, or cultural and educational background. The invitation is to stay present, learn to be still and listen to the voice of your heart within; be happy and grateful, and trust that no matter what happens it is all according to the Divine plan. Happiness increases the vibrational field of all our cells, leading to a stronger immune system response.

For those hearts in need of extra help in visualizing or feeling the energizing light of happiness and gratitude in every cell of their body, we are sharing this FREE Meditation by Scalar Heart Connection in English and Portuguese below: