Karen wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session because she was feeling an urge to cut herself. Self-mutilation was a pattern she stepped into when she felt isolated. She said she wanted to do a session around her attachment to pain and to ask her heart how she could learn to carry the sense of home and unconditional love inside herself. 

Karen’s heart directed her to the Crown Center and to the Emotion of a lack of: “Meaning/Purpose.” The emotion is the motivator of change. It is the uncomfortable sense of not being connected to a higher purpose that was causing Karen not to feel at home within herself. 

The Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern associated with the Crown Center is #852. This pattern informs us that Karen’s Issue (8th House) is related to unresolved feelings from the past that can turn to anger and rage. When this archetype is activated we may seek power or control as well as blame others for our problems. The Obstacle (5th House) is about self-identity and how we express our full creativity. It is also about self-confidence and learning to embrace our higher purpose without getting lost in ego gratification or numbing ourselves to our feelings. The Action (2nd House) shows us that Karen needs to release her worries and anxieties and strengthen her sense of self-worth and become more mindful of the needs of others. 

Karen’s response to the archetypal pattern was a recognition that she is on the planet to learn how to love unconditionally – to flow in love. She said, “I need to see things from a place of understanding instead of passing judgment or placing things in good or bad categories. I get over stressed by trying to control things and people and then I become destructive.

Karen’s heart then guided her to the number related to her Mind’s Negative and Conditioned Belief that: “Money and material things are at the center of her existence.” She said she tends to be a workaholic when things don’t go her way in relationships. “My projects give me a sense of self-worth, which is like money.”

Karen’s heart directed her to the Positive Response: “I am part of All that Is.” She also had a Mentor, whose statement was: “I accept and express my Divine right to personal power.” Karen realized that she makes herself small so she can feel powerful through the sense of control she gets from people paying attention to her during times of stress. 

The Level on which this Issue was being held was the Mental level. The specific statement was: “Self Esteem.” Karen said, “Yes, It’s all about getting attention. When I am experiencing low self-esteem people pay attention to me; treat me special. It’s why I don’t let go of low self-esteem. It’s a way to get a reward.”

The Earlier Experience was: “Collective Consciousness.” This tells us that Karen was experiencing an archetypal pattern that is relevant to all of us on some level. In other words, the issue is not the result of a specific trauma or ancestral belief, but rather a stage along the journey that we all experience at one time or another. 

The Unmet Heart Need was: “Forgiveness.” This is the resonance that Karen was not able to assimilate because of the dissonant resonance around a lack of meaning and purpose. Karen realized that by forgiving herself and others she could move into a new pattern of helping others. By moving out of low self-esteem and re-claiming a sense of purpose, meaning, and self-worth she can help others find purpose and meaning in their lives. 

Next, Karen’s heart guided her to the Cellular Memory Trigger of: “Taste.” Karen immediately thought of her ‘taste’ for sugar. When blood sugar levels spike it sets off an alarm response that adds to stress by the body’s release of cortisol and adrenaline. To make herself feel better, she eats more simple carbohydrates and the cycle repeats itself. She goes from eating foods high in sugar to compensate for the feeling of low-esteem and then feels bad about herself when she crashes. 

To put her session into the context of the Hero’s Journey, Karen’s heart directed her to a number associated with the Archetypal Hero Pattern #8-12-2. The Issue in the pattern, like the Quantum Healing Code pattern she received earlier, is also in the 8th House, which is about the way we respond to crisis. It is the stage of the Hero where the Supreme Ordeal occurs. This is where the Hero encounters the Dragon (their Shadow) – their deepest fears, desires, and all the emotions they have buried deep in their subconscious. The Obstacle in this pattern is the 12th House, which is where the Hero dissolves old personality crystallizations and re-unites with their true Self by dissolving their sense of separateness and victimization. The Hero must disentangle themselves from addictions and denial. The Action in the 2nd House is also the same as the one Karen received in the Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern. This is the stage of the Hero’s Call to Adventure. It is about gaining personal resources and strengthening the sense of self-worth.

Armed with these insights from her heart, Karen adopted the Positive Statement from her Mentor: “I accept and express my Divine right to personal power.”

Karen then asked her heart to show her the Mind’s Resistance to her Positive Statement. Her heart directed her to the statement: “Taking risk leads to loss.” Karen said she doesn’t like to feel out of control because it can cause pain and pain sucks. “I control the pain by being self-destructive. Pain is unavoidable so I would rather take the risk and endure the pain from life’s experiences, which is better than inflicting the pain on myself.” She now realized that instead of stunting her own personal growth by avoiding pain she can have faith that when unpleasant things happen it is ultimately for her evolution. In the process, she may realize that it is only her mind that puts her experiences in the categories of good or bad, pleasant or painful. 

The Quantum Healing Code Karen’s heart directed her to was the interval 528 & 852. The note 528 is the frequency of the Heart and 852 is that of the Crown. These two notes are in Golden Mean proportion and connect the heart with higher meaning and purpose.

The session then asked Karen to express an appreciation as part of her Integration. She said, “I appreciate all the hard work I put into learning to love myself.”

Karen’s Positive Action was: “Sunshine.”

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