In Ginny’s previous Scalar Heart Connection session, her heart directed her to the positive and powerful statement: “I am the loving person God created me to be and that is all I need to be.” Her heart also showed her that her mind was still holding on to the belief that “if I am invisible, I am safer.”

Ginny’s reaction to her mind’s belief was that she just wanted to disappear and not be here anymore. Her heart then directed her to express a regret to which she said, “I regret that I didn’t know my children were being harmed by my husband and that I didn’t protect them.”

Because Ginny’s regret brought her back to the past and to a place of undigested emotions/feelings, it was recommended that she do a follow-up session in a week; a session with the specific Issue related to trusting that her life experiences have meaning and are purposeful.

For Ginny’s follow-up session she said her Issue was about having a hard time letting go of her children and grandchildren and forgiving her ex-husband for hurting her children. She said she was feeling much better and more positive after her first session, but feeling tired.

Ginny’s heart directed her to the Brow chakra and to the Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern 7-4-1. This pattern shows up when our Issue is about relationships and feeling isolated when we get bogged down with unresolved issues or suppressed feelings from the past. When this pattern comes up, we are being called to embrace a sense of identity in relation to others without feeling the need to control others or situations. The Action called for in this pattern is one of trusting the heart and our connection to the Divine.

The Emotion Ginny’s heart directed her to was being “out of control.” Ginny said she tries to reach her grown sons but they don’t answer or return her calls. She said, “They are still angry with me for attempting suicide, but I’m their mom and they should listen to me because I am their mom and I am in control. . . Oh!”

Next, Ginny’s heart directed her to the Negative Mind-brain Conditioned Reaction behind the emotion of being out of control: “I am trapped in tension, unable to relax mentally or physically.” She said she has been feeling some anxiety, especially when she can’t get a hold of her children. She said she walks every day for about an hour to help with her stay calm and get in touch with Nature. “I’m feeling much better, but I’m overly tired. It’s hard to get up in the morning. I go to bed around 10:30 and get up between 1 and 2 the next afternoon.”

Her heart led her to the number related to the Positive Heart Response statement: “I interact harmoniously with others.” Ginny said, “Sometimes not talking to someone is the most harmonious thing to do.”

Ginny’s heart then directed her to her Mentor – her Brain, and the statement: “Miracles are a natural part of my life.” She said, “Yes, let and allow the miracles to happen without trying to force or control them.”

The Level on which her Issue was manifesting was the Psychological with the statement: “Depression.” Ginny said her doctor told her that her depression was under control based on the medications she is taking, but wants to give her something to help with the exhaustion issues, which come from the issues weighting on her heart and take up all her energy.

The Earlier Experience that set her Issue in motion was something her heart told her happened at the age of thirty. Ginny said the age of thirty was just before she moved to Alaska. “It was when my boys were in the car when my ex got pulled over and taken to the police station. They were almost sent to child protective services. I had to go to work full-time because my ex lost his job. I tried to take the kids, but I needed to be the bread-winner and had to leave them home with my ex. It was a traumatic time. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t make enough money to pay all the bills. My ex kept drinking and fooling around. I finally left and he brought the kids to me later. The kids were angry with me for taking them away from their dad. I guess I am stuck in the past and my grown boys don’t want anything to do with the past. I need to change and be in the present for them.”

Ginny’s heart then directed her to the Unmet Heart Need: “Stillness.” Ginny said, “I stay in bed for 15 hours a day to avoid the lack of stillness. I would sleep for 24 hours if I could. That way I could be invisible and just disappear.” The Cellular Memory Trigger for Ginny’s Issue was: “People.” She said she assumed by ‘people’ her heart meant ‘family.’ “How do I make family and people not be a trigger? It’s like I single out a few leafs on the tree of life and forget to love the whole tree.”

Ginny’s heart then directed her to the number related to the Hero Archetypal Pattern #5-9-11. This pattern puts Ginny’s Issue in the context of the Hero’s Journey and the Fifth Stage where the Hero ‘Accepts the Challenge.’ This is where the Hero may hold themselves back from fully expressing their individuality, their power, and their full potential. When this happens, issues may manifest as problems with creativity, self-expression, self-confidence, and/or uncertainty around the sense of purpose. The Obstacle in the 5-9-11 pattern lies in the Ninth House, which is about meaning and purpose. The ultimate challenge for the Hero is a personal search for higher meaning and purpose. The Hero gains a broader view by moving beyond the limitations of their ego-self. They are challenged to travel, have new experiences, and/or go back to school, study, learn new skills. The Action is in the Eleventh House, which is about breaking out of old structures and an awakening of awareness. Here, the Hero must break out old and negative or limiting beliefs and overcome the emotional suppression of old wounds from their encounters with the world. They are called to share their wisdom and spiritual knowledge with the community and contribute to the outside world, knowing they belong to the whole.

It was now time for Ginny to create The Story of what it was her heart was trying to tell and show her. She said, “I have wanted to do creative things for years, but I am afraid to. I won’t be good enough. After my last Scalar Heart Connection session I signed up for a painting class that starts in a couple weeks. I also signed up for a charity walk this weekend. If I can do these things I feel like I will be honoring my sons and my grandchildren.”

From The Story, Ginny created the Positive Statement: “I interact with others from a place of creativity, fun, and joy.”

Ginny then needed to hear from her Mind’s Resistance to her beautiful Positive Statement. Her heart showed her the number related to the statement: “If I change, others will die.” In her first session (Part One), Ginny was not able to fully re-program her mind’s resistance to change around wanting to be safe by being invisible. This led to this session (Part Two) where her heart provided deeper insight into where her Mind’s Resistance was coming from. Armed with this new information Ginny said, “I am willing to let the past go – maybe even my relationship with my sons and grandchildren for the time being.” She realized that the heart didn’t literally mean ‘others will die,’ but that she must be willing to change by letting the past die even if it means blazing a new trial for herself. Perhaps her new trail will bring her closer to her children and grandchildren in the future and in perfect timing. She is now resonating with ‘interacting harmoniously with others and miracles are a natural part of her life.’

To harmonize and re-program her resonant memory field around her new way of being, she needed to listen to the Quantum Open Heart Chord.

Ginny’s heart directed her to the Positive Action: “Sunshine.” Her homework was to get up early every morning and greet the Sun and to face it with her eyes closed for 5 to 10 minutes. And, to repeat this anytime she felt like she was slipping into an old thought-pattern – to re-condition and re-route her brain activity. To embody change, she agreed to:

  • Get out in the world
  • Share
  • Teach
  • Be an example; and support for other people’s change

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