The grandmother at a family gathering suggested everyone come together for a group Scalar Heart Connection session to clear a possible ancestral trauma. She felt that a recent issue around communication, a sense of belonging, and tranquility may have been triggered by a suppressed trauma in the family tree. The group consisted of grandma, two of her sons and their wives and one of her granddaughters.

The group went around the table anti-clockwise, like the movement of the zodiac, taking turns asking their hearts to show them a number in each of the steps of the process. The first number chosen was to find the chakra or emotional center holding the discomfort of the trauma. The number chosen was related to the Brow chakra. The Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern for the brow chakra is the pattern 7-4-1.

The 7-4-1 pattern informs us that the Issue (in the 7th house) is related to feeling isolated, particularly when we get bogged down with unresolved issues or suppressed feelings from the past. The Obstacle (in the 4th house) challenges us to look deeply into unresolved issues from the past, especially from childhood, where we are often taught to suppress our feelings. We are called to re-examine our purpose and to wake up to that small voice of heart-wisdom from within. The Action (in the 1st house) relates to embracing our identity in relationship to others without becoming controlling or dominating.

The next person chose the number related to the emotion that was over-activated in the brow chakra and acting as the motivator for change. The Emotion that came up was “Over exhaustion.” Several family members commented that they felt exhausted with the struggle of life and were tired of dealing with the same old patterns.

The next step in the process was to find the Negative Mind-Brain Conditioned Reaction to the emotion of being over-exhausted. The number chosen by the next person was related to the statement: “I am disconnected from my heart’s intuition and higher knowing.” The group recognized that when they struggle with life it is like falling off the magic carpet, where we lose our connection to a higher purpose and no longer feel that we are guided.

When we connect with our heart’s innate knowing we are able to move out of our mind’s conditioned and habituated reaction and move into a more positive and heart-conscious response. This is the Positive Heart Response. The number chosen for this was related to the statement: “I feel at ease and I feel joyful.”

There was also an Organ meridian involved. The number chosen informed us that the meridian was the “Nervous System.” The nervous system statement that our heart showed us was: “I am connected to Source, self and others.”

The Level that was holding the unresolved trauma was: “Energetic.” The statement related to the energetic level was: “Picking up the energy of a traumatic event that happened.” One of the family members got the insight that in some way the traumatic event from the past was related to men. This reminded grandma that her great grandfather, who fought for the South, was killed at the end of the Civil War. She said his death was the reason her ancestors moved from Missouri to California.

The next step in the process is to identify the Earlier Experience. The earlier experience can also be the original trauma or event that laid the foundation for the negative mind-brain reaction or inherited negative belief about the issue. The next person asked their heart to show them a number and they received the number related to Age. We were all certain that we would have received the number related to Ancestral/Genetic. We decided to trust the process and continue by asking our heart to show us a number from 1 to 81 (grandma’s age). The next person received the number related to the age of 49. The astrologer in the family recognized the number 49 to be close to the 50-year orbit of Chiron. Chiron, in astrology, is symbolized by the “wounded healer.” It represents our deepest wound, and our efforts to heal the wound. Grandma recognized the age of 49 to be the age of her great grandfather when he was killed in the Civil War. One of the daughter-in-laws (Karen) said her grandfather also died at age 49. His furniture factory burned down twice and after the second destruction of his factory he died of a heart attack. The other daughter-in-law (Mary) said 49 was the age of her mother when she died of cancer. She said she always believed that her mom felt stuck in a loveless marriage and cancer was her only way out. From that standpoint, she said she often felt that her mother’s death was a kind of suicide. Her mother’s name was Susan. Grandma said the wife of her great grandfather was also Susan. Grandma said it was strange that suicide came up because her great grandfather died from a bullet wound that came from friendly fire. There are some who believe that some soldiers use friendly fire as a way to commit suicide. The thought of suicide reminded grandma that her sister committed suicide when her father was 49. Her father never forgave himself for her suicide because he believed he could have prevented it in some way. Mary became agitated around the topic of suicide because she is taking care of her younger sister, who attempted suicide twelve months earlier.

The next step in the process is to find the Unmet Heart Need. This is the positive emotion or resonance of a positive attribute that is prevented from manifesting in our lives because the chaotic energy of the emotion blocks it out. In this case, the emotion was the feeling of “over exhaustion.” The heart of the next family member provided us with the number related to the Unmet Heart Need: “Humor.” This tells us that humor is the antidote to over-exhaustion. Karen said her father, the son of the furniture maker, doesn’t have a sense of humor. Susan said her mom was without humor. Grandma said her father suffered for the rest of his life after his daughter died. She also said she has letters her great grandfather wrote during the war to his wife and they show a man with a broken heart. The group wondered how it was possible to find humor in the face of life’s tragedies. We decided to hold off on that question until later in the session to see if the answer would appear.

The next person asked their heart to show them a number related to the Cellular Memory Trigger. This could be anything that in some way activates the negative aspect of the ancestral pattern. The number chosen related to the statement: “Taste.” We weren’t certain if taste meant the sense of taste or an aesthetic taste. Karen said her grandfather had good aesthetic taste when it came to the fine furniture he made. Mary said her mom expressed her creativity through singing. Grandma’s great grandfather was a poet and an artist. We weren’t certain, but we felt the heart was referring to anything creative as acting like a trigger, holding us back from the joy of our self expression.

We decided to ask our heart to show us the Archetypal Hero Pattern in order to get a deeper insight into what had come up so far in the session. The pattern that was chosen was the Archetypal Hero Pattern 5-9-11. This pattern places the Issue (suppressed ancestral trauma) in the 5th house. The 5th house is the house of creativity and self expression. It is about the sense of purpose and comes up when we hold ourselves back from fully expressing our individuality, our power and full potential. The Obstacle in this pattern (disconnected from our heart’s intuition and higher knowing) is in the 9th house. The 9th house is about meaning and purpose. The challenge is to gain a broader view by moving beyond our perceived limitations. We are challenged to travel, have new experiences, and connect with a higher purpose in our lives. The Action for achieving this expansive view of ourselves lies in the 11th house. This is the house of breaking out of old structures and behavior patterns. It requires that we break out of negative or limiting beliefs and overcome the emotional suppression of old wounds. It is about sharing our wisdom with the community and realizing that we belong to the whole. Earlier in the session, our heart gave us the Action statement: I am connected to Source, self and others. The group thought about what the heart was telling us. Karen realized that her grandfather gave up after the second factory fire. Susan had given up. The Civil War soldier gave up. We felt that none of these people had to die. They gave up the struggle. They were over-exhausted with life’s struggles.

We created the Positive Statement: “I meet life with courage, humor, creativity, joy knowing I am supported and belong and I communicate my needs and ask for help.” Someone said, “Life is art.” We started to feel that our struggles are part of the process of creating a great masterpiece of art. If everything were perfect right from the beginning then what sense of accomplishment would we feel at the end. The joy of creating occurs when we can look back and know that we endured through the hardships. Some say art is more about the process than the final product. With that in mind, we realized that the process was only worth engaging in if we did it with joy and humor. Perhaps our lives are not about accomplishing anything, but instead about enjoying or at least enduring every minute as it unfolds.

We now needed to ask our heart if there was an aspect of our new Positive Statement that was not agreeable to our mind. This is the Mind-Resistance to what our heart actually wants. The number that came up from our heart was related to the statement: “If I let go, It will happen again.” This made grandma recall that her great grandfather’s son committed suicide as did one of his granddaughters. One of Susan’s daughters attempted suicide. There were periods in Karen’s life where she contemplated giving up.

We asked our heart to show us a number related to a Quantum Healing Code. We received the number related to the interval 417 & 639. The tone of 417 cps is related to the Pelvis chakra, where we hold emotions and wounds from the past. The tone of 639 cps is related to the Throat chakra, which is about personal expression and creativity. We toned along with the chord as it played and concentrated on bringing up the emotional wounds from the past and releasing them as we stepped into the higher and more positive vibration of the throat chakra and tapping into our personal power and creativity.

The Positive Action that came up was to “say something to someone.” Almost at the same time, we all said we wanted to honor and acknowledge the lives of the people that we brought into the session and to thank them for the lessons they provided. “Your lives and hardships were not a waste.”

The Mind-Resistance statement, “If I let go, It will happen again,” touched a deep chord in everyone. It felt like something was left unresolved. The group decided to process the session for a day or so and then do another session specifically around the issue of suicides in the family.

One of the brothers became very quiet at the end of the session. After a few minutes, he said that he always felt a certain anxiety in the area of his heart. He said the anxious feeling had been there for as long as he could remember. Now, after the session, it had completely left and he felt at peace.