Grace moved in with her 100-year-old mother four years ago. Because she is single and has no other place to live, her brother and two sisters thought it would be good for her to move and that way she could take care of their mother. Grace said she felt like she was being used but admitted that she did need a place to stay. She said she wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session because she was having issues with a lack of money. She also felt like she was pushing away and resisting the opportunities that came up to make money. Her lack of money was also interfering with the medical treatment she needed for a variety of health concerns including intestinal problems, eyesight, tinnitus, and dental work. She complained that she didn’t have much of a love life, but suddenly had the insight that part of the problem might be the result of not welcoming herself into her own life.

In the first part of her Scalar Heart Connection session, Grace’s heart directed her to the Brow Center and to the Emotion: “Faint hearted.”

The Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern associated with the Brow Center is #741. This pattern informs us that Grace’s Issue (7th House) is related to relationships and how we see ourselves in relation to others. A lack of harmony and connection with others leads to isolation and loneliness or feelings of shame and guilt. These issues can also be a calling for relationship with our higher self and a re-connection with our authentic self. The Obstacle (4th House) motivates us to look deeply into unresolved issues from the past, particularly from childhood where we are taught to suppress our feelings. It is a calling to wake up to that small voice of wisdom from within and to re-examine our purpose. The Action (1st House) relates to learning to embrace the sense of identity in relationship to others without becoming controlling or dominating. It is about getting what we want and deserve but in a heartful and compassionate manner.

Grace’s response to the archetypal pattern was a memory that when she was between ten and twelve years old she had a teacher make her feel that she was bad, “like dirt.” She also spoke about a nun who once shook her head and asked what is wrong with her. She also remembered an episode where her mother shook her to the ground, telling her to “stop.” Grace said these experiences made her feel like something was wrong with her, that she was not deserving, and consequently, she felt ‘frozen’ in life.

Grace’s heart then guided her to the number related to her Mind’s Negative and Conditioned Belief that: “I am afraid to let others know who I am.” She said when her brother and sisters come to visit their mother they don’t understand why she (Grace) drinks soy milk instead of regular milk; that they “just don’t understand me or my different lifestyle and beliefs.”

Next, Grace’s heart directed her to the Positive Heart Message: “I interact harmoniously with others.” She also had a Mentor, her nervous system, whose statement was: “I face the future confidently knowing a benevolent universe supports me.”

The Level on which this Issue was being held was the Mental level. The specific statement was: “The negative mental state of resentment.” Grace said, “Yes, I suppose I feel some resentment towards my brother. I can’t share with him what I want to do career wise. When I was young I took up photography and my father said it was just a hobby. My family is stifling.”

The Earlier Experience was: “Genetic/Ancestral on her mom’s side.” The specific ancestor was someone seven generations or more. This tells us that Grace’s Issue is one shared by this particular ancestor and perhaps caused by a trauma or incident that established the negative belief and epigenetic response around being faint-hearted and not expressing or exerting themselves.

The Unmet Heart Need was: “Personal Power.” This is the resonance that Grace’s ancestor was not able to assimilate because of the dissonant resonance around’ resentment’ and ‘faint-heartedness.’ Grace said it was almost ironic that her horoscope sign is Leo (power) and in Chinese astrology she was born in the year of the Dragon (more power).

To put her session into the context of the Hero’s Journey, Grace’s heart directed her to a number associated with the Archetypal Hero Pattern #3-7-9. The Issue in this pattern is in the 3rd House, which is about what we think, specifically in terms of judging things as being right or wrong, good or bad. It is about interpreting our experiences through the lens of cultural conditioning and reacting from fear: fear for survival, fear of not being recognized, not belonging, etc. Our mental judging and insecurity prevents us from accepting the call to adventure. The Obstacle in this pattern is the 7th House, which is where the Hero is challenged to find harmony in relationship with themselves and others. The Hero learns they don’t need to rely on the outside world to define them. They no longer have the need to fit in. The Action in the 9th House is to embrace a broader point of view and gain insight into the meaning and purpose of our lives. This is accomplished by realizing we don’t have anything to prove. The Hero knows they are loved for who they are at the deepest core; connected to their higher and authentic self. The Hero can then express their creative and unique gifts in positive and life-enhancing ways. After reviewing this Archetypal Hero Pattern, Grace said, “I do tend to get judgmental. That makes a lot of sense. And yes, I do need to connect with the Divine. I don’t speak up to my family, but I don’t need their permission or approval. The strength of my character should show up between the words.”

Armed with these insights from her heart, Grace created the Positive Statement: “I am capable and powerful enough to move forward towards my life’s goals.”

Grace then asked her heart to show her the Mind’s Resistance to her Positive Statement. Her heart directed her to the statement: “If I am invisible, I am safer.” Grace said, “That’s how I used to think, but the lion and the dragon inside me aren’t invisible. So I will let them out and make myself larger than the things I want and deserve.”

Grace’s heart directed her to the Quantum Healing Code interval 528 & 639. The note 528 is the frequency of the Heart and 639 is that of the Throat Chakra, where we express ourselves and our creativity.

Grace’s heart completed the session with the Positive Action: “Exercise.”