Lauren wanted to have a Scalar Heart Connection session to strengthen her auric field and sensitive nervous system. Lauren is a marriage and family therapist and tends to be overly empathetic with her clients to the point of exhaustion.

The session guided Lauren to her Brow chakra as the emotional center holding the Issue of being overly sensitive. The Archetypal Quantum Healing Code Pattern for the Brow chakra informed Lauren that her Issue was related to relationships or feeling isolated resulting from suppressed feelings from the past. The opportunity for growth in this pattern is to learn to embrace a sense of identity in relation to others without feeling the need to control them or situations. It is a lesson in trusting the heart and our connection to the Divine.

The session then directed Lauren to the over activated or imbalanced emotion behind the Issue. Lauren’s heart lead her to the Emotion of: ‘Over exhaustion.’ Lauren said over exhaustion is what happens to her when her auric field is weakened. “It limits my social time because I am too weak and I feel bombarded.”

Next, Lauren asked her heart to show her a number related to the Negative Mind-brain Conditioned Belief around exhaustion. Her heart directed her to the number related to the statement: ‘I tend to over-think/over-analyze. Lauren said she thought she was getting better at that. She thought that maybe it was a generational trait, one from her Jewish background.

The process of Scalar Heart Connection helps us identify the reaction to our problem or issue from the place of heart-consciousness. This is often the opposite of how our mind reacts to problems. Lauren’s heart directed her to the Positive Heart Response statement: “I am calm and centered. This response is much different than Lauren mental reaction of over-thinking and analyzing. Lauren said she could be calm and centered at times, but then she goes back and forth between work and people that causes her to lose her sense of calmness and centeredness.

The organs that are related to each of the different emotional centers (chakras) also have specific archetypal energies or patterns. Lauren’s heart directed her to the organ/meridian of the nervous system. Lauren’s heart showed her the positive message from her nervous system in the statement: ‘I face the future confidently knowing a benevolent universe supports me.’ Lauren commented that she faces each day and her personal life with confidence, but then allows her interactions with her clients to drain her. She then got the insight that she doesn’t treat herself with the same consideration and compassion that she does with her clients.

Lauren’s heart directed her to the Energetic Level and the statement: ‘Picking up energy of traumatic event that happened.’ Lauren recognized that she easily picks up the traumatic energy of her clients. She said she deeply feels for them, “I almost cry their tears.”

The next stage of the session is to identify an Earlier Experience, something from childhood or in the family constellation that could be the source or trigger for why she is overly empathic. Her heart showed her the number related to the birth process, specifically something in the eighth month in the womb. Lauren said she was the third daughter and that her father desperately wanted a boy. “My dad almost wouldn’t look at me.” She thought that her mother had a miscarriage before she was conceived. Her family lived in a house in Germany that had low sunlight, which she thought might have caused her mother to have low energy. Her mom was also stressed from all the bombings during the war, which caused her to have a lot of nervous energy. She said she was aware of her mother’s suffering and basically birthed herself one night while her mother was sleeping. “I wanted to birth myself to relieve my mom of having to do it—she had a hard life.” She recalled that there was a lot of trauma with her father, who fled the Nazis and had to pretend he was not Jewish. He even converted to Christianity and taught his children not to have an accent. The family moved a lot: from Germany to France, Spain, and eventually to America. Each time all the children had to learn a new language and make sure they fit in at school.

The Scalar Heart Connection session is designed to ask the heart to identify the life affirming resonance that was not allowed to manifest within our psyche as a result of the chaotic emotion that arose from the traumatic early experience. Lauren’s heart directed her to the Unmet Heart Need statement: ‘Unity in community.’ The frequency of being in harmony in community is the opposite of the emotion or feeling ‘Over exhaustion,’ which came up in the beginning of the session. This informs us that Lauren wouldn’t be over exhausted if she felt connected to community. Lauren said that she misses the sense of community, her spiritual community. She said she didn’t feel totally integrated or a belonging to a community. “We moved a lot when I was a child. The only stable community I had was my family. Otherwise, I didn’t feel like I belonged. I was never really part of a community. I had this loss feeling and I had to morph myself into them. I think my dad’s trauma caused him to adapt to the language and religion of the country we lived in. Our survival depended on fitting in. Being empathic was the difference between life and death. I needed to know what I was fitting in to in order to be safe and survive.”

The next step in the process is to identify the Cellular Memory Trigger. Lauren’s heart directed her to the number that related to the statement: ‘People.’ Lauren said, “I need to know what ‘People’ are thinking/doing so I can be sure to fit in. I guess I was fitting in with people but not really connecting.”

Lauren’s heart then directed her to the Archetypal Hero Pattern 4-8-10. The number 4 relates to the Issue, which started out as being about strengthening her auric field and sensitive nervous system. The number 4 represents the Fourth House of the zodiac or Cancer as well as the stage of the Hero where they meet the Mentor. When the heart directs us to the Fourth House as the Issue, we know that on a deeper subconscious level that the Hero (Lauren) may be trying to find emotional security from unpleasant memories from her childhood. Life’s challenges have a way of forcing the Hero to re-examine their purpose. For Lauren, the exhaustion of being empathic and working with clients all day motivated her to look deeply into the root cause. The number 8 in the Archetypal Hero Pattern refers to the Obstacle. The Obstacle is the same as the Negative Mind-brain Conditioned Response, which for Lauren was: ‘I tend to over-think/over-analyze.’ The Eighth House is Scorpio and also relates to the Hero stage of the Supreme Ordeal. This tells us that Lauren has to go deep into the unconscious lagoon of suppressed emotions. Particularly, she needed to integrate deeply hidden memories, feelings, and psychological energies into their conscious sense of identity and personality. As a child, she learned to blend in and adapt to the group around her. The result of constantly being on guard (alert sympathetic nervous system) was exhausting on one hand and on the other hand she was not allowing herself to be her authentic self. The Action in this Archetypal Hero Pattern is in the number 10, which represents the Tenth House or Capricorn and the Hero stage of the ‘Road Home.’ Here, Lauren is called to re-unite with their sense of self-worth and to break-out of their self-imposed limitations and restrictions. The ‘Road Home’ is the stage where the Hero reconnects to the wholeness of unconditional love for themselves and others.

Lauren could now see a more complete picture of what was happening behind her exhaustion and nervous system sensitivity. She said, “I can be free from this. It is okay to feel sadness around this issue because it has been painful. My original desire from birth and childhood was for connection. I didn’t have the frequency of bonding.”

The Positive Statement Lauren created for herself was: “I am Love.”

The session then asks the heart to tell us if our mind has any resistance to what our heart desires. Lauren’s heart guided her to the Mind Resistance statement: ‘Taking risk leads to loss.’ Lauren’s mind was still stuck in the conditioned belief that if she let her guard down she could be at risk of losing her life. Lauren said, “Life is risky. When it comes to a man and relationship, I want to tune-in so I don’t get hurt. The core of all of this is trust.”

Lauren’s heart then directed her to the Quantum Healing Code interval #417 and #528. The tone of 417 is related to the Pelvis chakra, the center of the emotions related to bonding. The tone #528 is the Heart chakra. The chord Lauren’s heart wanted her to entrain with connected her desire to bond with her heart.

After listening to the Quantum Healing Code, the process asks the heart if there is anything else we need to fully integrate what came up in the session. Lauren’s heart directed her to ‘Other.’ When ‘other’ comes up it means that Lauren’s own innate heart-wisdom knows what she needs. Lauren immediately said, “I understand the truth of this. The vibration of love will create a strong auric field that no one can penetrate. This will also provide me with safety and survival. The vibration of love is also the key to belonging to community. It is now a matter of getting my mind to support what my heart desires. I need to expand self love out to include global love.”

A few days later, Lauren wrote:

“I am very in awe with your Scalar Heart Connection method! Truly fascinating how deep this goes, and all the truth and movements that happens through the session. I have had the privilege to experience many, many different healing modalities, as healing is also my passion and am very impressed how you created this. Little did I know when we had the session how comprehensive your software is.  And by allowing myself to see/feel/accept all that transpired how much healing happened for me. Today I noticed the tiny little feeling of separation is gone. I feel more present and loving with the people I encounter. Thank you so much, I am so glad I finally met you.”
~ Lauren, Licensed Psychotherapist