At the end of a recent workshop in Los Angeles, we did a Scalar Heart Connection group session for the Issue of the drought in California.

We went around the room taking turns asking our heart to show us a number whose associated statement provided the information we were seeking about the drought. The first number that came up let us know that the issue of the drought was creating a disturbance in the Heart Chakra and the specific Emotion was feeling ‘oppressed.’

The next step in the process was to ask our heart to show us a number related to the Negative Mind-brain Conditioned Response or limiting belief surrounding the unresolved emotion of feeling ‘oppressed.’ One of the participants chose the number related to the statement: “I am unlovable.” This statement is the same one that came up in a group session done at a workshop in Maui around Earth and Her ability to sustain human life. The idea that both the Earth and California feel unlovable made us realize that the session wasn’t just about a geographic location or high and low weather fronts, but about a collective intelligence. When viewed as an entity, the flowing of water through rivers and canals becomes a vascular system—literally the source of life for the State and her inhabitants.

Rivers symbolize freedom from confinement, going with the flow, movement, running its course, and also as restriction, damming, running dry, and changing course or seasons. From this perspective, our quality of life may partly depend on the quality of riverness. The group began to wonder if it is the other way around. Perhaps our rivers depend on the quality of humanness.

What could be the quality of humanness that makes California feel unlovable? Is the drought a reflection of us? If rivers are the vascular system then what do lakes and reservoirs represent? The drought has emptied our lakes and reservoirs so we wondered if this mirrored a lack of abundance that many people are experiencing. Mythologically, a lake was sometimes viewed as the Earth’s tranquil and liquid eye or a two-way mirror of the soul. The reflective surface of a lake inverts the image of earth and sky as if to remind us of the alchemical motto “as above, so below.” The group felt that lakeness can also reflect the depth of our hearts. The surface mirrors our preoccupation with exploiting Nature and Her inhabitants. From that standpoint, we began to see the drought as a call to examine our stinginess in relationship to the wellbeing of the global community. This sentiment was reinforced with the Positive Heart Message: “I love myself and others unconditionally and I create love and understanding within groups.”

The Level of the unresolved issue was on the Emotional level and the specific emotional response was ‘stress.’

The Earlier Experience was: ‘Collective Consciousness’ (society belief).

The Unmet Heart Need we needed in order to overcome the drought was that of ‘harmony.’

The Cellular Memory Trigger was: ‘Seasons.’

The need for harmony between human beings as well as in our relationship with Nature was reinforced by the 7-3-1 Archetypal Hero Pattern that the group selected:

  • The Issue in the 7th house is about harmony and connection with others. A lack of harmony and connection with others leads to isolation, loneliness, and a disconnection from our authentic self.
  • The Obstacle in the 3rd house is about overcoming our conditioned and cultural prejudices that can block our progress on the journey towards wholeness and attaining a state of unconditional love.
  • The Action is found in the 1st house, which tells us it is one of learning to embrace a new sense of identity in relationship to others and with Nature (California, Earth) without feeling the need to control, exploit, dominate, or oppress.

The Positive Statement the group created was: “We create a loving and harmonious environment for the community to ensure California thrives now and for future generations.”

The Mind Resistance was: “If I forgive myself, I will do it again.” This reminded us that if the drought is a call to action, calling us to live harmoniously with others, it must be a sustainable action. We can’t just go back to our old habits as soon as it rains. It requires a complete paradigm shift in how we view our integral connection with Nature and each other.

The Integration for the session was for the group to surround themselves with White Light of Unconditional Love.

The Positive Action was ‘Sunshine’ as the heart’s reminder that Nature is at the heart of what sustains us.