Elaine and John were having a conflict in their relationship. They wanted to do a Scalar Heart Connection session around the Issue of communication. We treated the ‘relationship’ as though it were an entity of its own, opposed to being about two individuals. Elaine and John took turns asking their heart to show them the numbers that were needed in the session.

The first step in the session is to find the Emotional Center that is in disharmony around the Issue of “communication.” The ‘Relationship’ chose the number related to the Brow chakra. The Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern for the Brow chakra is the pattern 7-4-1. This pattern provides insight into a deeper, more subconscious pattern that has become activated in the lives of Elaine and John. This pattern is concerned with relationships (7th house) and the feeling of isolation when we get bogged down with unresolved issues or suppressed feelings from the past (4th house). The pattern is calling for Elaine and John to embrace a new sense of identity in their connection to others and their relationship without feeling the need to control (1st house). It comes down to a lesson in trusting the heart and our connection to the Divine.

The next step in the session is to find the distressed or over-activated Emotion in the Brow chakra. The ‘relationship’ chose the number that contains the emotion of “restlessness.” Elaine said the restlessness is there because it feels like there is no resolution to the issue. The emotion is the Hero’s Call to Adventure. Restlessness is what motivated the ‘relationship’ to want to resolve the conflict in the way they communicate.

The ‘relationship’ then asked the heart for the number related to the Negative Mind-Brain Conditioned Response or belief around the unresolved emotion. The number chosen related to the statement: “I am out of control.” Both Elaine and John agreed that on the thinking level the issue was out of control. This is both the Obstacle and the stage where the Hero Refuses the Call to Adventure because our conditioned thinking response generally judges and criticizes and is afraid of what lies ahead in the unknown.

Next, we needed to know the Positive Heart Response. The ‘relationship’ chose the number related to the statement: “My inner voice communicates with me clearly and willingly.” Elaine and John were enthusiastic about this possibility, but were apprehensive since they were both resonating with the mind belief that the situation was “out of control.” This is the Action needed to resolve the obstacle of our habituated behavior pattern. It is also the Hero stage of encountering the Mentor. The Mentor is the innate knowing of our heart, which informs us of what is in our best interest. When the Hero trusts the Mentor the real journey begins.

The heart then directed the ‘relationship’ to the “Nervous System” as the Organ Meridian that is in disharmony around the issue of communication. The Organ Meridian acts like an assistant mentor. The heart then directed the ‘relationship’ to the number related to the organ meridian statement: “I face the future confidently knowing a benevolent universe supports me.” The couple related this to a fight or flight response in the nervous system. Elaine said, “There is a wall of fear between us that comes up. John closes down when I try to communicate my feelings to him.”

We asked the heart to show us the Level on which the issue of communication was being held and we received the number related to “Energetic.” The specific statement related to the energetic level was: “Picking up the energy form objects.” The couple both agreed that the object was related to their work. They own a family operated photography business, which they started together when they got married. John is thinking about retiring, but is unsure of how to pass the business on to their two sons. He is also worried about the financial needs of retirement. John is the photographer in the business and manages the finances. Elaine manages everything else: scheduling, manning the studio, all the work behind the scenes, and everything else that gets a portrait and wedding album out the door. When their two sons joined the business the dynamics changed and Elaine found she had less and less control. The struggle for control soon resolved itself by Elaine agreeing to leave the business. Unfortunately, this only exacerbated Elaine’s feelings that she is not seen or heard. She now felt forcefully removed and outcast from the community of her family. She also related that John’s purpose in life seems to only be about working. Elaine became emotional and her voice louder as she said, “He works twenty-four hours a day. He comes home from the business and continues to work. It’s like I don’t exist.” John remained silent, looked away from Elaine and tried to fight off a yawn.

Once the Hero understands the dynamics of the Level, they have a better understanding of where they need to place their attention. From the standpoint of the Hero’s Journey, this is the Acceptance of the Call. The heart of the ‘relationship’ has brought to the surface Elaine’s feeling that she doesn’t exist because John seems to be a workaholic in her eyes. John’s conditioned pattern is to become defensive and shutdown as soon as Elaine becomes agitated. His yawn can be seen as a nervous system response serving to disengage himself from what he perceives as a threat. The flight or flight response to a stressful or life threatening situation is actually three-fold. We can stay and fight or we can run. The third option is to play dead and hope the danger will go away.

Now that we have brought to conscious awareness the essence of the problem behind Elaine and John’ communication issue, we need to pinpoint the original energetic disruption or Early Experience. The heart of the ‘relationship’ chose the number related to the Birth Process, specifically the fourth month in the womb. We interpreted this to represent the fourth month of their courtship. Elaine and John shared that after four months of dating they built the photography studio together. The discovery of the background to the issue is the Hero’s stage of the Road of Trials. These are the earlier experiences that formed our behavioral responses in the present.

We now know when the disrupted energy began in the relationship, but we still need to know what energetic quality became disrupted when Elaine and John started their business together. This is the Unmet Heart Need. This is the positive life-enhancing quality that was displaced from the ‘relationship’ as a result of the early experience. The heart of the ‘relationship’ chose the number related to the Unmet Heart Need statement: “Peace.” The couple volunteered that in working and living together all these years they slowly established a negative compensation pattern whenever a lack of peace presented itself. John said, “When Elaine becomes upset about something and expresses her feelings, I raise a barrier between us because I don’t know how to handle her anger.

Elaine was not at peace because when the communication breaks down she feels unseen and not heard. At this point, Elaine began to feel the pent-up frustration of not being seen or heard rising to the surface. She said, “Don’t ever give up your life! I gave up my life and who I am. Now I feel stuck, blocked, and like I gave up my identity all over again.” As the volume of her voice raised John got quieter and quieter. Elaine became emotional and was encouraged to breathe deeply into the feeling. She recognized that she had problems with breathing fully and soon felt more relaxed. She also recognized that she hadn’t ever fully expressed her deepest feelings around the issue. She now understood the Positive Heart Message that came up earlier and the need to allow her inner voice to communicate with her clearly.

In order to obtain deeper insight into the unconscious patterns that were playing out, the ‘relationship’ chose a number for the Archetypal Hero Pattern. The number they received from their heart was the pattern: 8-12-2.

The number 8 in the 8-12-2 pattern relates to the Issue (about communication) and the archetypal energies found in the 8th house of the zodiac. The 8th house is related to unresolved feelings from the past and how, when repressed, can turn to anger and rage. When this house is activated, we might blame others or seek power and control. It is a calling for us to transform our desires for personal control over others into a desire for the common good of the group. From the perspective of the Hero’s Journey, this is the stage where the Hero confronts their deepest darkest fears. It is the Supreme Ordeal, where the Hero must wrestle with repressed emotions and desires.

The number 12 in the 8-12-2 pattern relates to the Obstacle, which is the negative mind-brain belief that came up earlier in the session (“I am out of control”). The 12th house is about dissolving old personality crystallizations. For Elaine and John it is a reminder that the dynamics of their relationship communication crystallized in the fourth month of their partnership. The challenge when the 12th house comes up is to re-unite with our authentic self by dissolving our sense of separateness and victimization. This is the Hero’s Stage of receiving the Elixir. This tells us that breaking free of who we think we ‘should’ be is the great reward.

The number 2 in the 8-12-2 pattern relates to the Action we must take in order to shift the chaotic and negative energetic pattern found in the Obstacle. The Action ultimately shifts the Issue of communication but it does so by changing the negative belief pattern found in the Obstacle. The 2nd house is about what we own, what we value, possession, our personal resources, and our home. The archetypal energies in the 2nd house challenge us to release our worries and anxieties about personal comfort, our resources for the future, and the need to control. The Hero strengthens their sense of self-worth and becomes mindful of the needs of others. This is the Call to Adventure stage of the Hero. The mind-brain generally resists the call because it is afraid of the unknown. John is worried about having enough resources for retirement. Recall that the Organ Meridian earlier in this session provided the ‘relationship’ with the statement: “I face the future confidently knowing a benevolent Universe supports me.” For Elaine, the Action in the 2nd house reveals the need to strengthen her sense of self-worth and to embody the resonance of belonging.

The next stage in the process is The Story. This is where the client (relationship) describes what they believe the heart is trying to tell them about the Issue. John said the take-away message for him was to relax about the business and start to do things he and Elaine enjoy doing together, like travel. Elaine felt like she needed to learn to enjoy herself more and to re-establish her sense of identity. She found a hesitation around that idea because she felt a twinge of guilt that everyone else was working. Elaine agreed that she needs to support John in whatever and however he wants to work. John agreed that he needs to support Elaine in her process of choosing something different for herself (to allow her a sense of freedom). They agreed to support each other in what they each love. The Story and the Positive Statement (below) is the Hero stage of Approaching the Inmost Cave. This is where the Hero becomes clear about the action they need to take in order to shift the energy of the issue.

Together, Elaine and John created the Positive Statement: “We are free to be ourselves and to communicate with ease and openness with full-hearted expression.”

After creating the Positive Statement we need to know if our mind-brain conditioning is going to go along with our new way of being. The ‘relationship’ asked the heart for a number and received the Mind Resistance statement: “We need to honor the memory.” Here is where we discover that on the thinking level the relationship wants to maintain what it has been doing for the previous thirty-eight years. Again, our mind-brain conditioning is afraid of change and the unknown. The question is whether or not Elaine and John can move forward in a different way. This is the Hero stage known as the Supreme Ordeal. The Supreme Ordeal is aptly named because it is where we must wrestle with the dragon (our shadow) and old way of being in order to be victorious and shift the old and negative behavioral pattern (neural network).

To complete the session the relationship chose the number related to the Quantum Healing Code #396. This tone is related to the Root chakra. The Root chakra is about our connection to Earth and to community. It also relates to issues with survival. We will recall that John had issues with survival after retirement and Elaine felt disconnected from the group (the business and family). This is the stage where the Hero gets the Reward. The Hero listens to the Quantum Healing Code and every cell in their body resonates with the new and life-enhancing vibration of communicating with ease and having the freedom to be themselves.

The heart of the ‘relationship’ asked Elaine and John to breathe in the feeling of the Positive Statement while listening to the Quantum Healing Code. This supported Elaine’s issue with deep breathing. This is the Hero stage of the Road Home. The added action of breathing anchored the new resonance from the positive statement making it more physically tangible.

The next step in the session is the Integration and Closure. This is normally where the client may need to express a regret or say something to someone. In this case, the ‘relationship’ chose the number related to the statement that “nothing” was needed. This is the Hero stage of Transformation. This tells us that a deep transformation has just occurred in the relationship. We only need to see if there is something more needed after the session is complete.

The final step in the session is The Positive Action. For this, the ‘relationship’ chose the number related to a positive action they needed to do after the session. The number chosen related to “Breathing.” This is the final Hero stage: the Road Home.

This session brought up deep issues for both Elaine and John to examine and digest. They were both relaxed after the session and felt a sense of relief. However, the heart stirred up some past memories and buried feelings on both sides. They decided they wanted to take a few days to talk and integrate and then do individual sessions. The subsequent sessions Elaine and John did individually took them both to the core of some very old soul-level wounds.

To be continued. . .