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Connecting to the Love-Buffer

The more we tune our heart to the harmony of the Universe, the more we can open our heart wide enough to accommodate all of life’s experiences more fully. The challenge is to recognize the intuition coming from the heart from the reaction coming from the mind and its societal conditioning. It requires that we listen less to the chatter of our own mind and its fears and negative conditioning. It takes practice, like everything else in which we want…

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Heart-Consciousness, the Instrument of Change

How we treat the planet and other people is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. According to the principle of resonance, like attracts like. Our thoughts and emotions are vibrations and therefore our mental and emotional state creates a resonance pattern that attracts what is similar. Consequently, if our external conditions are less than ideal, it is possible that they are reflecting the nature of our inner state. The implication is that our current environmental crises as well as…

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Re-Connecting to What Our Heart Knows

A Sufi poem written in 1317 says the human heart is the spiritual organ or the interface between the body and the ‘other world.'[1] The poem says it is through the special faculty of the heart that we may come to know hidden secrets.[2] The poem further explains when body and spirit strike together like flint and steel, light is created, illuminating the two worlds.  Our life’s experiences are like flint and steel, striking together in the form of our…

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