Most of our discomfort in life comes from our perspective. How we see the world determines how we interact with it. At the most instinctive level, we respond to life through the survival mode of eating, clothing, and keeping a roof over our head. Then there is the biological urge to procreate, followed by our will to master our environment. In the Indian chakra system, these aspects of our base animal natures are represented by the lower three centers located in the pelvis area. It is through the everyday conflicts that arise from our dissatisfaction with one or more of these aspects that can manifest as physical symptoms.

When we focus our attention and our energies on the heart chakra, we move out of the animal domain and move into the field of the true human, a spiritual being. The heart chakra represents compassion, which redirects our focus away from ourselves and allows us to connect with those around us.

The scalar aspect of this ‘heart connection’ represents the standing wave of energy that reaches out, infinitely, in all directions. It doesn’t distinguish between race or creed, rich or poor. It doesn’t deny our basic life needs. Instead, it connects us with each other and with Nature. It helps us to become aware of what is truly important and provides renewed energy towards cooperation, mutual respect, and unconditional love. This is the challenge for the 21st century. It happens one heart at a time. Pass it on!