Quantum Healing Codes™ are based on the idea that there exists a predictable geometric pattern behind all matter. From this pattern all else can be created. These codes support greater coherence within the resonance of what we want to create in our life.
The book explains how the codes are related to the chakras and how each chakra holds an emotional aspect that may not be in harmony with our mind-brain response to a particular issue. Listening to a code is one way to help us re-balance ourselves from an emotional upset and align with our heart’s intuition. 
The series of notes that make up the Quantum Healing Codes are 396cps, 417cps, 528cps, 639cps, 741cps, and 852cps. These frequencies are reported in Healing Codes – for the Biological Apocalypse by L. Horowitz as the missing solfeggio scale that vibrates at the exact frequencies required to transform spirit to matter or matter to spirit.  
These frequencies correspond somewhat to the notes of G, G#, C, D#/E, F#, and G#/A. The use of only six notes is consistent with the six-note scale used in the original Gregorian chants.[1]
The word solfeggio is Italian and refers to a singing technique where distinct syllables are assigned to each note, such as do, re, mi, fa, sol,la, and ti. The term is used interchangeably with ‘solmization’ and has been used throughout the world, most likely since ancient times. One theory suggests that the syllables are derived from The Hymn of St. John the Baptist written by Paulus Diaconus in the 8th century. Others believe the syllables were derived from a more ancient Arabic solmization system or from Indian texts, such as the Upanishads.[2] Forms of solmization are also found in China, Japan, and elsewhere.
The codes also relate to each of the seven chakra emotional centers:
When treating the frequency vibrations of the codes as lengths, we discover that they fit together to form triangles. These triangles fit the geometry of Metatron’s Cube. In other words, the vibration of the codes gives rise to Metatron’s Cube in three-dimensional space. 
Triangle A is frequency 396 and its octaves;
Triangle B is frequency 396, 417, 639;
Triangle C is frequency 417, 639, 741

Within the geometry of Metatron’s Cube lies the Golden Triangle:

The Golden Triangle contains one angle at 36 degrees (360 degrees, the circumference of a circle, as the symbol for wholeness) and two 72 degree angles (72 is the average number of heartbeats of the average human heart in one minute). 
There are actually two Golden Triangles within Metatron’s Cube:
The Twin Tetrahedron or Star of David formed by the double Golden Triangles is the same geometry used by Ancient civilizations to represent the heart chakra:
The geometry of two Golden Triangles is similar to the Hopi concept of the person with two hearts. The geometry reveals an upward pointing heart and a downward pointing heart. There is the lower heart that operates from fear, anger, greed, and envy. The higher heart manifests as unconditional love and desires only to unite its fullness with others and the Infinite. Arranging the Quantum Healing Codes around the Twin Tetrahedron reveals a similar geometric pattern and hence a key to how we can learn to integrate our two hearts:
When we view the heart chakra as a harmonious geometry, we can better imagine that a heart out of balance due to an unresolved emotional conflict will be out of tune and disharmonious. The emotional conflicts we experience in life, along with other challenges and obstacles, can act to stimulate us to grow and seek higher levels of coherence. From this perspective, our life becomes a “Hero’s Journey.”
The word ‘hero’ is non-gender, like ‘poet’ or ‘artist.’ We have the example of the feminine version of the mythological ‘Hero’ as the priestess of Aphrodite. We also have the male version in Aphrodite’s son, Eros (Cupid). The name ‘heros’ is only a slight alteration of ‘Eros’ indicating that the love for the spiritual may be at the root of what it is to be a hero.[3]‘Hero’ in the sense of the Hero’s Journey is an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances. The Hero is ‘us’ experiencing our life story.
The journey of the hero can be seen as a journey around the twelve months or houses of the zodiac. One of the triangles formed by the Quantum Healing Codes fits twelve times around a circle: 
The Quantum Healing Codes, when organized by the zodiac houses, or stages of the hero’s journey, reveal an archetypal pattern that can guide us on our personal journey towards well-being and peace of mind. In the context of a Scalar Heart Connection session, the codes as archetypal patterns provide insight into the issue we want to do the session about. The codes also help us put our challenges and the heart’s positive message into a clear perspective. In this way, the codes, as archetypal patterns, provide the subconscious context of our session.
The codes and their corresponding zodiac houses are as follows:

3 9 6
3rd – Gemini
Mind, intellect, judging.
4 1 7
4th – Cancer
Emotions, childhood memories.
5 2 8
5th – Leo
Heart, creativity, self-expression.
6 3 9
6th – Virgo
Mind, discernment.
7 4 1
7th – Libra
Heart, compassion, relationships.
8 5 2
8th – Scorpio
Emotions, transformation.
The houses of the zodiac correspond to the journey of the hero, where challenges and obstacles at each stage stimulate the hero to learn, over-come, and grow (transform). 
The book includes an easy to follow table as a reference guide for how to use the codes based on one’s personal intention and stage along the journey of the hero.

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[2] See Franciszek Meninski in Thesaurus Linguarum Orientalum (1680) and J. B. Laborde in Essai sur la Musique Ancienne et Moderne (1780). 
[3] Plato, Cratylus, 398 d.