I recently gave an introductory talk on the Scalar Heart Connection process, followed by audience demonstrations, at the East West Bookshop in Seattle. Towards the end, a woman wanted me to do a session for her on the issue of peace. People in the room voiced their feeling that the lack of peace in the world was a big issue. This gave me the idea to do a group session. I asked the volunteer if we could make it a group session and proxy in the global community. She was more than agreeable. As a group, we said she could go first by asking her heart to pick a number related to the emotional center holding the feeling of a lack of peace in the world. She chose the number related to the root chakra.

The root chakra is related to the element Earth. It’s energy carries the life force up the body as well as down the legs connecting us to the primordial energies of the Earth. Our life experiences are first imprinted at this primordial level where the energetic memory of childhood and ancestral emotions are held. This is the energy of instincts related to survival and self-preservation.

Disharmony in this center often arises from insecurity, greed, and self-centered instinctual behaviors involving aggression, dominance, and territorial.

The harmonious energy of the root chakra is about connection with the Earth and its inhabitants. It is about staying safe and helping others in the community feel physically secure. It is the origin of the impulse of honor, loyalty, and identification with our children.

I asked someone else from the group to pick the number related to the over-activated emotion in the root chakra. She picked the number related to ‘fear.’ Another person picked the number for the negative mind-brain conditioning. He chose the number related to the statement: “I dislike my body.” The group noticed a theme around world peace as stemming from the way we compare ourselves to others or judge them because they are different. It is their differences, when unfamiliar, that strikes the resonance of fear – the fear of the unknown, viewed by the mind as a threat.

The fourth person asked their heart to show them the number related to the positive message from the heart. They picked the number belonging to the statement: “I have a great respect for nature and I promote the sustainability of the planet.” The heart also offered a second statement through the large intestines meridian: “I accept myself, my home, my country, and others as they are (their homes, their country).”

To help us entrain with this new and positive resonance, we needed to hear a Quantum Healing Code. A different person chose the number four, related to the code 639. According to the archetypal patterns found in the Quantum Healing Codes, the code 639 is related to Virgo. The astrological sign of Virgo is related to the element Earth and is about moving away from judgmental thinking to discernment and insight. Discernment allows us to see through the eyes of the heart. This allows us to analyze our behavior, actions, health, and ways of being that are related to the community beyond our individual personality. Virgo is the house where we serve as an apprentice to learn to be of service to others.

The session and listening to the frequency of 639 left us feeling connected to each other and to the hearts of the global community. Maybe one day we can do a group Scalar Heart Connection session at the United Nations.

[1] Donna Eden, Energy Medicine, (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 1998), p.146