One of the Positive Actions of the Scalar Heart Connection method is Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra Essential Oil Blends. These chakra-specific essential oils are formulated by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, Founder of Spiritual PhytoEssencing and the Natural Health Science System.

Essential Oils oils are particularly well-suited to chakra therapy because, as Rudolf Steiner noted: “Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant.” Dr. Berkowsky explains that “fragrance formation represents an interaction between terrestrial and cosmic forces and is used by the plant as a means of uniting with the spiritual essence contained within sunbeams. . . The individualized soul-nature of each oil, like each person’s soul-nature, is a product of the particular composition of non-material, archetypal forms. These archetypal forms give rise to the oil’s tangible qualities.” (1)

A Scalar Heart Connection session helps identify the archetypal disturbance that underlies the outwardly activated Issue (e.g. anxiety, depression, discouragement, low self-esteem, relationship disharmony, etc.). The use of a chakra-specific essential oil blend after a Scalar Heart Connecting session supports the newly formed Positive Statement with the positive archetypal blueprint inherent to the interactive plant soul construct of the essential oil blend. The chakra identified in the session as holding the discomfort associated with the Issue is matched with a Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra Essential Oil Blend and applied regularly as further energetic support.

(1) Copyright 2011 by Joseph Ben Hil-Meyer Research, Inc. Reprinted with permission.