The more we tune our heart to the harmony of the Universe, the more we can open our heart wide enough to accommodate all of life’s experiences more fully. The challenge is to recognize the intuition coming from the heart from the reaction coming from the mind and its societal conditioning. It requires that we listen less to the chatter of our own mind and its fears and negative conditioning. It takes practice, like everything else in which we want to excel. 

Life’s experiences have a way of forcing us to adjust our reactionary thinking. The challenge is how to uncover the subconscious behavior patterns lurking behind our reactions. Scalar Heart Connection helps us sort out mind-conditioned reactions from heart-centered responses. The system provides insight into the nature of our mind’s reactions so we can gain mastery over our thoughts and destructive impulses. When we consciously tune in to heart-centeredness, we create a buffer around our heart that absorbs the negativity coming from others and the environment. The heart’s innate wisdom offers us positive and life-enhancing alternatives to unpleasant situations by “knowing” the hearts of others and responding accordingly and compassionately. 

The physiology of the heart’s circulation system acts like a möbius coil, which produces a self-generating scalar field of unlimited potential. It is a self-generating field of love and harmony, sensitive to the vibrations of the thoughts and feelings surrounding it. When we tap into the feelings of caring and acceptance, we reinforce the vibration of harmony and joy, arising from the heart’s connection to the scalar quantum field – Universal Intelligence – the wellspring of unconditional love. The more we expand our love-buffer the less we react to people or events with anger and frustration. Instead, our heart expands wide enough to embrace and neutralize the negativity of others. In this way, we can have a positive influence on others and our surroundings. Love is contagious.

It takes practice to stay present in the heart’s scalar field. Its harmonious vibrations are subtle and delicate. It requires that we re-tune ourselves to its presence and gentle guidance. One way to realign ourselves to our heart’s love field is through deep breathing. When we deep breathe, we are synchronizing our heart’s subtle rhythms to the vibration of the Universe. In time, we will distinguish the connection to the gentle whisper of heart-consciousness from the mechanical reactionary patterns coming from our head. At the point where we feel this connection, we can radiate this feeling throughout our body and then extend it to those around us and beyond. 

A Scalar Heart Connection session increases our heart’s coherence through the revelation of the content and source of our sub-conscious negative mind-talk. Scalar Heart Connection provides positive messages from our heart that allow us to re-tool our thinking and feelings. 

When we tap into the heart’s positive vibrations, we will discover that we can ride through the events of our daily lives like riding on a magic carpet. Circumstances magically change and obstacles present themselves as dance partners. 

Article by Stephen Linsteadt

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