Stephen Linsteadt

When Daughters are Held Back by Their Mothers

Denise was in the process of organizing a large and important event and wanted to attract an overwhelming attendance. She wanted the marketing and promotion process to be easy, fun, and successful. She wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session to find out from her heart what was holding her back. Denise’s heart showed her that her problem was coming from disharmony in her Brow Chakra. Specifically from the Emotion of feeling “faint-hearted.” Her heart showed her that her faint-heartedness was coming from her mind’s…

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Carl Jung and Scalar Heart Connection

By Stephen Linsteadt Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens. ~ C.G. Jung[1] Carl G. Jung referred to the higher intelligence of Universal Consciousness when he asked us to “consider synchronistic phenomena, premonitions, and dreams that come true.”[2]  He explained that Infinite Intelligence has other ways “of informing us of things which by all logic we could not possibly know.”[3] Jung further described synchronicity as the phenomenon…

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