By Stephen Linsteadt

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.
~ C.G. Jung[1]

Carl G. Jung referred to the higher intelligence of Universal Consciousness when he asked us to “consider synchronistic phenomena, premonitions, and dreams that come true.”[2]  He explained that Infinite Intelligence has other ways “of informing us of things which by all logic we could not possibly know.”[3]

Jung further described synchronicity as the phenomenon where unrelated events share a common meaning. He said it was impossible to explain these meaningful coincidences in terms of cause and effect, but as a coming together in space and time as a phenomenon of energy.[4]  By “energy” Jung was referring to a deeper order, which implies that life is not a series of random events but rather an expression of our connection to a greater wholeness.

It is this deeper order that is responsible for activating insights and guidance in a person’s life. We are simultaneously embedded in a deeper, orderly framework of conscious energy and we are the focus of that energy/Consciousness, which Jung said has elements of leading to a spiritual awakening.[5]  The purpose of such an awakening is to shift a person’s egocentric conscious thinking to one of a greater connection to wholeness.

When we have a problem, an upset, or simply need guidance about a situation, we don’t need to wait for a dream or synchronistic event to direct us, like a bird flying into our kitchen window or a snake slithering across our path to inform us that our problem is yet another journey of Self-discovery and transformation. Instead, we can ask the “Collective Unconscious” or the “Knowing Field” for guidance more directly, In addition to analyzing his patient’s dreams for clues into the deeper meaning of their troubles, Jung also found the I-Ching to be a more direct tool for providing guidance.

Jung described the system of the I-Ching as a method by which an inner state can be represented by an outer one. It allows us to bypass our mind’s reactivity and conditioned/family beliefs and, instead, tap into heart-based responses to our problems. To use the I-Ching, one throws coins or yarrow stalks into the air and how they fall provides a series of numbers (the hexagram number). The chart found in the I-Ching provides the specific reading or guidance about our problem. Jung was interested in the role that synchronicity plays in how the coins fall. For the system to accurately provide guidance, the coins cannot fall by random coincidence but under the direction of Universal Consciousness. He said the only criterion of validity of the method is the observer’s opinion that the text of the statements chosen reflects a true rendering of their psychic/emotional condition.[6] He was also interested in the I-Ching’s use of numbers (hexagrams). Number, he explained, is the predestined instrument for creating and apprehending an already existing orderedness.[7]

Number can be seen as a bridge between the physically knowable and the realm of intuition or metaphysical knowing. Number is a language deciphered through the vibration of feeling and the heart is the organ of feeling. Therefore, the heart is at the heart of counting ‘number.’ The heart as a counting system is connected to the heartbeat of Earth, to the phases of the Moon, and the Grand Cycle of Time. The heart is the bridge between our outer world and the inner world of Universal Consciousness.

Scalar Heart Connection is the I-Ching for the 21st Century. It is a process that utilizes the innate knowing of the heart and its natural synchronization with Number to facilitate heart-centered personal growth and transformation. It is a process based on the fact that our heartbeat is synchronized with the heartbeat of the Universe and that Universal Consciousness communicates with our heart through vibration, which is a number. The process utilizes the Personality Types proposed by Jung and associated with the Enneagram. The process also utilizes sacred geometry to provide a matrix of personality archetypes found in the zodiac houses and the chakras.

Scalar Heart Connection is easy to use and a fun experience to help us access subconscious beliefs and attitudes that hold us in limitation and prevent us from experiencing joy and inner connection. The process connects us to our own unique heart-wisdom so we can identify and re-align emotional imbalances and move toward greater harmony within ourselves; in sync with a greater wholeness.

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