Dave wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session to see if his heart could give him guidance about his career. He wanted to know what he should be doing. A recent divorce left him with questions about his goals and priorities.

The first step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to find the emotional/chakra center holding the agitation or discomfort around the Issue of “What should I be doing for a career?” Dave asked his heart to show him a number, one through seven, in order to identify the chakra. His heart showed him a number that was related to the Heart Chakra.

The Quantum Healing Codes are in harmony with the chakras. The code for the heart is 528 cps. As seen as a pattern, the numbers 5, 2, and 8 represent the archetypal personality aspects of their corresponding zodiac houses. In this case, the Fifth House represents the Issue, which informs us that Dave may not be expressing his full power and sense of self. The Second House represents the Obstacle or the challenge, which arises when we become too concerned with fitting in or lose sight of what is truly valuable. The Eighth House tells us the Action Dave should consider is related to overcoming feelings of guilt or shame stemming from an unresolved issue of the past. In other words, Dave’s heart was telling him that he needs to be re-born into his vital and positive sense of well-being.

The next step is to find the specific Emotion that is activated in the heart chakra. Dave’s heart showed him a number related to: “Selfish.” Dave said that since he can remember it was ingrained in him that he had to work even though jobs suck. He said, “You just have to suffer through it. If I really believe that, then if I do what really makes me happy I am being selfish.”

Then Dave asked his heart to show him what his mind had been conditioned to believe around work and career. He was shown the number related to the Negative Mind-Brain Conditioned Belief: “I am paralyzed by fear.” Dave said, “Yes, I am afraid of not being able to make my house payment.”

We wanted to know how the heart would respond to Dave’s fear, so we asked Dave to let his heart show him a number. The number he received was related to the Positive Heart Response: “I empathize and connect with others.” Dave thought about this for a moment and said, “I want to go around and interview people in other places to see how they all manage to make house payments and also have time to do fun things.”

The process also provides an Organ/Meridian to act like a Mentor. Dave’s heart showed him the number related to the Circulation meridian and the statement: “I forgive myself.”

Dave’s heart also showed him that the issue of what to do for a career was held on the Energetic Level with the statement: “Sympathetic response causing you to suffer.” Dave chuckled and said, “My family causes me to suffer.”

The process wants to know where the negative belief originated. Dave’s heart showed him the Earlier Experience coming from the seventh month in the womb. If we look at this as the energetic influence of the Seventh House of the zodiac, we see that it is related to family and relationships. Dave was already aware that his south node is in the seventh house. His north node is, therefore, in the First House opposite to the seventh. The North Node drives us towards what we need to know in order to grow. The First House is the house of self identity. Dave got the insight that his issues with family were the motivators for him to ultimately re-connect with himself, his authentic self, separate from outside influences.

The Unmet Heart Need is the positive frequency or resonance that can’t manifest because the earlier experience essentially drowns it out. Dave’s heart showed him a number related to the statement: “Cooperation.” Dave said it was about having more support from his family for what he wants to do with his life.

Dave’s heart then showed him a number related to a Cellular Trigger. We all have buttons that get pushed for unexplained reasons. These buttons are the triggers that activate subconscious memories and automatic behavioral responses. Dave’s heart showed him the trigger: “Things.” Dave laughed and said, “Yes, like houses, cars, all the good things of life that I need a job for.”

The Archetypal Hero Pattern looks at our problems, concerns, challenges, etc. in the light of a pattern that is meant to help us grow and evolve. This pattern is ‘archetypal’ because it is the same #9-5-3. Again, when we put these numbers into the context of the houses of the zodiac we get a fascinating new insight into what Dave is experiencing. This 9-5-3 patterns places Dave’s Issue in the Ninth House, which is the house of meaning and purpose, and having a broader, more expansive view. This is the house of Jupiter; the house of travel and higher learning. When we are not in alignment with the ninth house, we can feel rejected or isolated and unable to move forward with big ideas. The Fifth House of the pattern is the house of Leo. This places our Obstacle or challenge in the arena of self-identity and how we express our full creativity and self-confidence. The Action we need to take in order to grow through this pattern is found in the Third House, which is the house of what we think and how we judge things (ourselves and others). As the house of action, it is telling Dave that he needs to rise above the judgments of others and to utilize all the knowledge he has acquired though his life’s experiences to move forward with his plans with courage and trust in his heart.
for everyone. We all go through different challenges, but our problems are not really that unique to just us, hence the idea that they are archetypal. For Dave, he discovered from his heart that he was experiencing the archetypal pattern

Dave started to get excited about the possibility of traveling and going places to interview people. He was interested in learning about people and their different cultures as well as their unique geographies. He now wanted to learn more about others than just how they make their mortgage payments. He began to feel that perhaps not everyone in the world has a mortgage payment. Yet, there was still something holding him back. Dave’s heart provided clues throughout the session in the form of relationship and family dynamics. For this reason we decided to do a Family Constellation around the Mentor statement: “I forgive myself.”

Dave asked someone to represent his family, his tribe. The tribe immediately fell to the ground and held tight to Dave’s ankles.
Dave: “The tribe doesn’t want me to go.” The tribe was asked if they could stand and look at Dave in the eyes. They agreed.
Tribe: “You should not go. We need you. You are part of our tribe.” The tribe was asked if they had any insight into who they might be within the tribe. The tribe said they felt like the female in the tribe.
Tribe: “If he leaves me I won’t be protected. He is too young. I feel guilty for holding him back. I never saw him again after he left.”
Dave (now the son): “I couldn’t come back. I had to work. I never had enough money to come back. I had a house and everything, but not enough to come back. I feel guilty.”
Tribe (now mother): “I am trying to hold on, but I also have guilt. I am feeling a need to hold on and not let you go and fly freely.” After a moment, she says, “I want you to go. I give you permission.” Son: “If you are okay then I will go this time because I need to. I will always keep you in a special place in my heart.”
Mother and Son embrace.

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is for Dave to verbally state what he felt his heart was telling him (the Story). Dave said, “When I got married the first time, I wanted to flee and go and live away. So my new wife and I moved forty miles away from my parents. I didn’t see my parents a lot. After the marriage ended, I made a point to see them more and be part of the tribe. I felt guilty and said I would never leave. So now, that is the thing that is holding me back and I feel guilty. If I want to go and live my life, then I need to forgive myself.

From what Dave learned from his heart he created the Positive Statement: “I am free to live my life now and forever.”

To make sure our mind is not going to sabotage our new way of being, we ask our heart to show us a number related to the Mind-Brain Resistance. Dave’s heart showed him a number related to the statement: “If I change, I will abandon those I love.” Dave said that now that I know my tribe really wants to cooperate it is okay for me to live my own life.”

Dave’s heart showed him a number related to the Quantum Healing Codes. He was shown the single note of 639. This is the vibration of the Throat Chakra, which is about personal expression and speaking our truth.

To Integrate the session, Dave’s heart asked him to picture success and to spend time outdoors in the sunshine. Dave assumed that meant in the sunshine in a faraway corner of the Earth.

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