On May 24, 2016, Scalar Heart Connection hosted a Group Session Healing Circle Webinar. The purpose of these sessions is to ask our collective hearts to give us insight into areas of our lives and inner-self that are motivating us to change and grow. It is an opportunity for the participants to transform resonance patterns that are standing in the way of what they want in a relationship, career, life-purpose, feeling disconnected, or issues with low self-esteem, etc.

Stephen asked the attendees on the call if there was something in particular that was coming up for them, something they wanted guidance from their heart about. One attendee said she was feeling more and more frustrated by her husband’s physical challenges. She explained that he is older than her and his physical decline prevents her from doing activities that she enjoys. Another attendee said they were frustrated with their own physical problems. The group found a common resonance around physical limitations and compassion, both for themselves and for others. This led us to the Issue for the session: physical challenges and changes.

We took turns asking our hearts to show us the numbers we needed in each step of the Scalar Heart Heart Chakra and the Quantum Healing Code Archetypal pattern #5-2-8. This pattern provided the insight that we were not expressing our full power and potential. The challenge in this pattern is to discern what is truly valuable and useful for our evolution and the benefit of others. We were being called to release our worries and anxieties about our physical bodies and to strengthen our sense of self-worth and to be more mindful of the needs of others.
Connection process. The first number we received put the Issue into a disrupted energy pattern in the

The next step in the process was to find the specific Emotion that was driving the discomfort behind the Issue. Our collective heart showed us the number related to: Needy. We felt this was about needing help from others as we get older or have physical problems. It also reminded us that perhaps it was about other people needing our help.

The next step was to find the Negative Mind-Brain Conditioned Belief around the Issue. This is the mental self-talk and programmed conditioned belief we acquired since childhood around the Issue and the Emotion. Our heart showed us the statement: I am insensitive/uncompassionate to others. The group felt our heart was pointing out that on the thinking level we resonated with being a bit insensitive to other people’s physical challenges. We also realized that we also tend to be too hard on ourselves.

Our heart then showed us a number related to the Positive Heart Response. This is our heart’s suggestion for how to over-ride our mind’s negative disposition. The number we received related to the statement: “I trust myself, others, and life.”

The next person in the group asked their heart to show them a number related to the Organ Mentor. They received the number connected to the Lungs and the statement: “My life has meaning and purpose.

Next, we needed to know the Level on which this Issues was being held. Our heart informed us that it was on the Psychological level, related to “Over guarding/protecting.” We felt the heart was suggesting that we might be over-protecting our health. We contemplated that our physical bodies begin to deteriorate as soon as we are born. We then reminded ourselves that our physical bodies are eventually going to give out on us.

We were also informed by our heart that the Early Experience, or source of this belief, is coming from a Collective Consciousness or society belief. It seems that all human beings have to face their own mortality.

The Unmet Heart Need or positive resonance that was blocked due to our collective disconnection was: Joyful play. We began to think about the possibility of having joy with, or in spite of, our own or another’s physical challenges. Just because we are forced to slow down doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways to be creative and have fun. We were reminded of the Quantum Healing Code Pattern #5-2-8 that put the Issue in the 5th House of Leo, where we step into our personal and creative power. We can learn to be creative and still have joy and connect to others. Our physical challenges force us to slow down and find new things to do that bring us joy or new ways to be in a relationship with someone that has physical challenges. We decided to change our perspective about healing and joy to see that we are not limited by our physical body. Our physical body does not define our true Self, which is beyond this physical container.

Next, we asked our collective heart if we needed to know about a Cellular Memory Trigger. In other words, was there something in the outside world that was pushing our buttons around going into action with courage and clarity? Our heart gave us the statement: “People.” We thought that was amusing because people are everywhere and people all have health challenges at one time or another.

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to find the Archetypal Hero Pattern. This #1-5-7. This pattern places our Issue in the 1st House, which is about the emergence of self-identity in the material world. In this case, our identity had become entangled with our physical limitations or in dealing with the physical problems of someone else. The challenge or Obstacle in this pattern is found in the 5th House, which is the same house that came up earlier in relation to our sense of purpose and what we create. We were reminded that the Lung statement was about meaning and purpose. Perhaps we needed to re-connect with our meaning and purpose in a way that is not tied to our physical body. The Action in this pattern is in the 7th House, which asks us to rise above our wounds and limitations and embrace the selfless world of heart-consciousness. The group began to feel that society places high regard on our physical strength, health, and good looks. We are taught that we have to be a certain way and the elderly or handicapped are not valued as they should be.

The group felt that the Story of what our heart was trying to tell us was to honor our elders and to recognize that we will become elders one day. We also realized that we don’t need to be afraid of change, the changes our bodies go through. The place where we connect to others is not necessarily in the physical body but in the field of heart-consciousness, beyond the physical—where there is joy.

The group created the Positive Statement: “I honor and accept my physical challenges and those of others and move into playful joy, finding new ways to be in relationship with myself and others (who have physical challenges).”

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to find the Mind Resistance, which is our mind-brain resistance to what our heart wants. The group chose the number related to the statement: “I will have to take the risk/responsibility of success.” We felt this was the mind’s normal way of dealing with things, which is to think it needs to evaluate and fix things. We tend to believe that we are responsible for our physical problems or have to fix someone else’s problems. When we don’t have a solution, we feel vulnerable and mortal. We felt we needed to accept our vulnerability with joy: “Life is not a competition.” Perhaps our deteriorating health is not a sign of weakness but a natural process of life.

We asked our collective heart to show us a number related to the Quantum Healing Codes. We were shown the number related to the musical interval 639 & 852, which are the vibrations of the Throat Chakra and the Crown Chakra. We felt the tone was a way for us to connect the creativity and self expression of the Throat Chakra to meaning and purpose as found in the Crown Chakra (connection to the Divine).

For Integration and Closure our heart told us we needed to surround ourselves with the “White Light of unconditional love.”

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