It was an honor to have been invited to participate in the 19th Healing Beyond Borders’ Annual Energy Healing Conference in Naples, Florida. The theme of the conference was “The Joy of Healing.” The conference was attended by hundreds of inspiring Healing Touch professionals from around the world.

We conducted a workshop on Scalar Heart Connection that taught participants how to use the Ask Your Heart session.

We were deeply moved by all of the presenters and greatly enjoyed the presentation of The Fun Conspiracy, with Ginny Hunneke and Jennifer Maurer, who led everyone on a journey of laughter and animated joy. They helped us to lighten up and not take ourselves too seriously. They reminded us that joy is what our heart feels when we are tickled by love.

During the Scalar Heart Connection workshop, we had the opportunity to do a group Ask Your Heart session. The Issue the group wanted to do the session for was about “Joy.” Specifically: “How can we increase our joy?”

The numbers for the session were chosen randomly and by participants who felt compelled to speak out a number.

The number the group chose for the chakra/energy center holding the disharmonious vibration around ‘joy’ was related to the Brow Chakra and the Emotion of “Over exhaustion.” The wave of groans through the group confirmed that people recognized that the rigors of life, the ones we impose upon ourselves, can cause us to become exhausted and out of touch with joy. 

Next, the group asked their hearts to show them a number for the Negative Mind-brain Conditioning behind our struggle to maintain joy. The number chosen was related to the statement: “I sometimes lose touch with reality.” We found this statement to be quite relative to the emotion of ‘over exhaustion’ as our work and daily routines sometimes fall out of alignment with with what we know to be truly valuablethat our life has meaning beyond our worldly obligations.

The Unmet Heart Need chosen by the group was: “Breath.” We all took in a deep breath and allowed ourselves to relax into the moment. It was a great reminder for us to pause during the day and re-connect with our inner reality and the inherent joy that embraces every moment. The group could see how “Breath” was the antidote to “Over Exhaustion.”

The Positive Heart Message is the message from our heart. It informs us of what we need to do in order to shift out of ‘over exhaustion’ and into ‘joy.’ The heart of the group chose the number related to the Positive Heart Message: “I feel at ease and I feel joyful.” We needed to shift what we resonate with around the issue of joy. We needed to shift out of our mental habit of being exhausted as we met our worldly responsibilities and instead shift into the vibration of breathing in the moment and being at ease and joyful.

To make the shift from ‘over exhaustion’ to ‘joy’ the heart of the group chose the Quantum Healing Code #396. This is the vibration of Earth. It helped to shift us out of the conditioned view that our life on Earth is about working and opened us up to seeing and feeling that life is also about joy.

While we listened to the Quantum Healing Code, Heidi Svoboda played her gongs in harmony with the vibration of Earth and joy. It was a magical moment for everyone, filled with joy!