Metatron Astrology Workshop Module I – Sao Paulo, SP

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Date(s) - July 25, 2020
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Espaço Magia da Lua


Metatron Astrology Workshop – MODULE I

Metatron Astrology with Maria Elena Mahler and Stephen Linsteadt combines knowledge of Vedic and modern astrology to help students and professionals in the Scalar Heart Connection to deepen their understanding of the archetypal hero patterns that lead us to growth and personal transformation.

During these three weekends, spread over 18 months, students will come together for three modules of in-depth knowledge about ancient astrology, techniques for reading and forecasting astrological maps, and becoming better astrologer-therapists in general.

Vedic astrology is the oldest known astrological system. It has been transmitted orally in the Sanskrit language for thousands of years and written only recently.

Vedic astrology is a spiritual science that delights not only the mind, but the heart. It is known as Jyotish, or the study of Light.

This 3-module course from Metatron Astrology will provide knowledge and information about this spiritual science for beginners and for those who have learned Western astrology. You will expand your knowledge.


Metatron Astrology Course – Connecting to the Cosmos

Module I was designed for the beginning and intermediate astrologer.

During this two-day workshop, we will get to know who we are as individuals and as part of the Cosmos through the planets on our natal chart. Through examples and demonstrations of participants’ birth maps, we will learn to connect with the music of our planets and how they interact with each other through different aspects of life: home, family, wealth, career, relationship, health, romance, etc. We learned to use the ASK YOUR HEART app or ASK YOUR HEART to change the energies and blocks that we identified on the birth chart.

Upon completing Module I, we will have a clear path of continuous learning, while we practice astrology in depth and feel completely connected and aligned with the Cosmos.

  • Fundamentals of astrology, Jotish and the four pillars
  • Gunas and elements
  • Time (technique to predict)
  • Planets and the days of the week
  • We are the Moon
  • Planets: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn
  • Degrees in homes
  • Retrograde / burning planets
  • North and South Nodes
  • Understanding our Natal Map
  • Understanding the 12 houses
  • Age across households
  • Importance of the Ascendant
  • Your Astral Chart “in the moment” combined with ASK YOUR HEART sessions



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