Heart of the Hero Workshop – Sao Paulo, SP

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Date(s) - June 6, 2020 - June 7, 2020
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Espaço Magia da Lua


The Heart of the Hero Workshop

Join Stephen Linsteadt, founder of Scalar Heart Connection, and Vedic Astrologer Maria Elena Mahler to gain insight into your life as a personal Hero’s Journey and discover the archetypal patterns that move you to growth and personal transformation.

Participants are provided with their Astrology Map, based on Vedic or sidereal astrology. This map will give insight into the house where the Hero (you) is stuck, where you need to go, and the life lessons provided in the process.

You will get deeper knowledge about the Chakras as a Spiritual Journey, the Zodiac Houses, the Enneagram, the archetypes of Numbers, and Sacred Geometry, which all come together in the heart-matrix of Scalar Heart Connection.

Experience an easy to use method of how to walk the Heart of the Hero Journey.

No previous requirements are required to take this workshop.

People will need to provide name, date, hour, and place of birth at least three days before the workshop.

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Part ONE: What is the Journey of the Hero
– Houses and stages of the Hero

Part TWO: Astrology Houses
– Cosmos divided in 12 houses/ aspects of our lives

– Ascendant 1st House
– Sun trough signs / constellations (Sidereal Astrology)
– Houses archetypes and planets
– South Node/ North Node
– Identify patterns on the map: Opposition, square, etc
– Moon Most Important
– How do we use the astrological map information
– Applying the Hero Patterns to the Map
– Demo App

Part THREE: Chakras
– Chakras Essentials

– Chakra relation to planets and houses
– Chakra relation to physical nerve system and organ/Meridian
– Chakra centers of emotions
– Exercise to balance the Chakras
– Full Session to unlock what is blocking the chakra.


Part FOUR: Sacred Geometry & Numerology
– How sacred geometry ties with astrology and the chakras

– Numbers and their meaning
– Numbers as geometry
– Numbers as a language

Part FIVE: The Heart of The Hero
– Stages of the Hero in relation to astrological patterns

– Stages of the hero in relation to the chakras
– Full Session SHC include Walk on Hearts Journey of the Hero




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