On March 10, 2016 Scalar Heart Connection hosted a World Peace Webinar. The purpose of the group session was to ask our collective heart to give us insight into areas of our lives and inner-self that are not 100% aligned with inner or outer peace. It was an opportunity for people to come together on this important topic so we can fully resonate with the peace we want to experience in the world.

The group felt that they were being challenged with boundaries. This relates to issues of taking on other people’s stuff while still loving them. It was also about how to keep focus on what is important in group meetings. One person found that ‘scoping out’ in group meetings sometimes prevented the group from focusing on the agenda. The Issue was how to bring people back to focus.

The Scalar Heart Connection process helps us tap into the wisdom of the Eternal Heart. It utilizes the archetypal nature of number as a vehicle for communicating with the intelligence of heart consciousness. People in the group took turns asking their heart to show them a number related to the different steps of the Scalar Heart Connection process.

The first number the group chose was related to the Brow Chakra. The one of the attributes of the Brow Chakra is scattered attention.

The archetypal pattern of the Brow Chakra, based on the Quantum Healing Code #7-4-1, places the Issue in the Seventh House of relationships. It is about how we see ourselves in relation to others. A lack of harmony and connection with others can lead to isolation and tension. The Obstacle in this pattern is in the Fourth House, which asks us to look deeply into unresolved issues from the past, particularly from childhood, where we are taught to suppress our feelings. The Action in this pattern is found in the First House. Here, we are called to re-examine our purpose and to embrace our sense of identity, particularly in relationship to others without becoming controlling or dominating. It is still about getting what we want but approaching our desires in a heartful and compassionate manner.

The group took turns asking their heart to show them a number related to the next step in the process. Another person in the group was guided by their heart to the number related to the EmotionRestlessness.” The group could identify with restlessness especially when someone in a meeting they are conducting is talking about off-point topics.

The collective Mind-Brain Belief around restlessness was: “I constantly brood over problems.” Someone in the group session said, “That is what this person in my program does. They constantly bring up the past, which is interrupting and keeps us stuck in the past. I want to move forward.”

The Positive Heart Message the group chose from their heart was: “My thinking is focused and I have a clear vision.” Everyone in the session almost said simultaneously, “Just what we wanted in this session.”

The group then selected a number for the Brain Meridian. The Brain provided the encouragement of: “I use the full power of my intention and attention to create what I want.” Someone said, “I feel like that is where I get stuck. I am done with that. I don’t have a problem setting boundaries with people when I am with them one-on-one.” Someone else suggested that perhaps they could start their meetings with an affirmation related to “We use the full power of our intention and attention to create what we want from this meeting.”

The Level that the Issue of boundaries and keeping people focused on the topic at hand was found to be on the Emotional Level. The Level statement was: “Fear of failure.” One person said, “I am afraid that this person who always brings up the past is distracting and other people in the group will lose interest and leave. Then I will be a failure.” Someone else said, “I fear that people will be distracted and we will lose the full impact of what is possible.”

 The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection is to find the Earlier Experience that created the tension around setting boundaries and focus. Someone from the group asked their heart for guidance and received the number related to the Collective Consciousness. This told us that the Issue is a societal belief. We thought this was appropriate since we were intending to do a session for ‘world’ peace and the global society at large.

Next, we needed to know if there was an Unmet Heart Need or positive emotion that was not able to manifest due to the discordant resonance of the Emotion “Restlessness.” Our group heart showed us the number related to: “Devotion.” We felt this meant that the hearted was suggesting we become more devoted to our higher purpose. Perhaps we needed to be more devoted to what it is we are trying to accomplish. Then we realized this was exactly the Issue. We want to focus on what we want to accomplish but we are interrupted by others who get sidetracked in dwelling on the past or bringing up things that aren’t related to the goal. We realized that we needed to create a higher vibration in the group, one of being devoted to the mission. We intuitively knew this already, but became aware that we were holding on to certain ‘fears’ that if we set boundaries people would be offended and leave the group. It occurred to us that if we followed the advice of the Quantum Healing Code pattern #7-4-1, we would embrace our sense of identity and self-worth. This would help us confidently manage our groups from a place of devotion to our causes. We saw that we need to be compassionate with others in the group, but at the same time, we have to respect the other members who have taken time to participate in our mission. We also gave our selves permission to ask disruptive people to leave the group. This doesn’t mean we are failures. It means that these people need to find another outlet where they can talk about their past, etc.

The Archetypal Hero Pattern that the group’s heart selected was the pattern 7-3-1. This pattern is the same as the Quantum Healing Code pattern (741) except the Obstacle is now in the Third House. This is the house of Gemini, the mind. It is the mind that also judges and criticizes. We also realized that on a societal level, the mind loves to dwell on the past and finds it difficult, sometimes, to be present and focused on the task at hand.

From the insights we gained from our collective heart, we created the Positive Statement: “We are fully present, devoted, and focused on our higher purpose and vision.”

We then asked our heart to show us our Mind’s Resistance to the high vibration of our Positive Statement. We were shown the number related to: “I have to be better than I am to be loved.” This touched a chord of fear in us. It reminded us that fear separates us. Fear is what our mind does to us when we are afraid of offending someone, even when they are disrupting the whole group. We realized that if we are all One, then even the disruptive person is related to the whole. Perhaps their behavior is motivated by their own sense of fear or not feeling loved. Sharing the past might be an attempt to get attention/love. We found that we could apply this revelation to many situations in which a disruptive person is taking away from the positive experience of the whole group. We realized we needed to be confident in ourselves and devoted to our purpose first and foremost. This means setting boundaries for people’s behaviors. It also means that we don’t have to step into the fear of not being loved every time we put our foot down (in a gentle and heartful manner).

 To help us re-tune ourselves to the Positive Statement of “We are fully present, devoted, and focused on our higher purpose and vision” we asked our heart to show us which Quantum Healing Code we needed to listen to. Our heart directed us to the “Open Heart Chord.” Perfect!