On February 11, 2016 Scalar Heart Connection hosted a World Peace Webinar. The purpose of the group session was to ask our collective heart to give us insight into areas of our lives and inner-self that are not 100% aligned with inner or outer peace. It was an opportunity for people to come together on this important topic so we can fully resonate with the peace we want to experience in the world. 

The group felt that structural things in their lives were slipping through the cracks. They were also feeling a lot of tension and anxiety around business issues and stepping out in the world. There was a sense of tension between creativity, expansion, and structure. 

The Scalar Heart Connection process helps us tap into the wisdom of the Eternal Heart. It utilizes the archetypal nature of number as a vehicle for communicating with the intelligence of heart consciousness. People in the group took turns asking their heart to show them a number related to the different steps of the Scalar Heart Connection process. The first number chosen was related to the Throat Chakra

The archetypal pattern of the Throat Chakra, based on the Quantum Healing Codes, becomes activated in our lives when we are experiencing issues with mental health or a sense of well-being. These issues can arise from our mind-brain conditioning that judges our self and or others. It is a motivation for us to realize that we do not have anything to prove and that we are connected to the Divine. This pattern helped the group understand that the Issue of structure and the tension of feeling held back was a call to grow beyond judgmental thinking and, instead, express their creative uniqueness and gifts in positive life-enhancing ways. 

Another person in the group took their turn to ask their heart for a number and was guided to the number related to the EmotionEmptiness.” 

The collective Mind-Brain belief around emptiness was: “I am silenced.” 

The Positive Heart Message the group chose from their heart was: “It is easy for me to receive from others and the Universe.” One person in the group said that they tended not to expect anything back from their business. “I expect customer blow-outs instead.” 

The group then selected a number for the lung meridian. The Lungs provided the encouragement of: “I am connected to life force energy.” 

The Level that the Issue of structure and stepping out into the world was held was found to be on the Level of Spirit. The heart told us that in some way we were disconnected from Spirit, Higher Self, God, etc. 

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection is to find the Earlier Experience that created the disconnection to Spirit as well as the emotion of emptiness and the mind belief that we are silenced. Someone from the group asked their heart for guidance and received the number related to the birth process, specifically in the eighth month. The group had the insight that the baby is full term at about eight months. It is the precipice of just being born. It is that point right before something is going to come to term. There is a sense of danger if it is born too soon. We all had the sense that at the eighth month old structures have to give way to make room for new structures. The new structure also needs to become strong enough to support the new. 

Another person in the group asked their heart to show them a number related to the Unmet Heart Need. This is the positive resonance that becomes displaced as a result of emotion of emptiness and the mind belief that we are silenced. The heart showed the group the number related to: “Respect.” The group felt that the vibration of respect had to do with respecting the process. It is about trusting the process and respecting ourselves enough to receive. Someone said, “I am open to receiving. I deserve it.” We felt that what we care about the most is subject to our vulnerabilities. 

The Cellular Memory Trigger the group was shown was: “People.” The group felt that the unmet heart need of respect was a global issue—people. As a generalization ‘people’ can’t imagine a solution to our conflicts that is a win-win. From the perspective of World Peace, we need to learn to respect each other even when we don’t agree. 

The Archetypal Hero Pattern that the group’s heart selected was the pattern 8-12-2. This pattern places the Issue in the context of a deeper, more subconscious behavior habit. It places the Issue in the Eighth House, which coincidentally corresponds to the eighth month in the womb from the Earlier Experience. The eighth house is a calling to transform our desires for personal control into desires for the common good of the group. It is about unresolved emotions from the past and how we respond to crisis or to being controlled by others. In the context of this session, the group felt that it spoke to us about feeling controlled within our business structures and how we don’t always allow ourselves to fully express our creativity. We felt that this session was asking us to release our worries about financial funding and comfort and to trust more, to be more open to creative expression in the world; that perhaps we needed to think less about our personal comfort and more about the well-being of others. We could certainly see how that would lead to world peace if everyone considered everyone else first. 

The Twelve House of the Archetypal Hero Pattern places the challenge or the Obstacle that is blocking us from releasing old structures and expressing our creativity in the house of Pisces. The twelfth house is about dissolving old personality crystallization. It is a call for us to re-unite with our true Self by dissolving our sense of separateness and victimization. This is the archetypal energy behind our mind’s belief that we are silenced. It is a call for the global community to find their voice and to speak out about the structures that are no longer working. 

The Second House in this particular Archetypal Hero Pattern is the house of Action. It is the effort we need to make in order to break out of our entanglement with the energies of ‘emptiness’ and feeling ‘silenced.’ This is the house where we release our worries and anxieties about personal comfort, preoccupation with having enough (personal resources) and the need to control. We are being asked to strengthen our sense of self-worth and to become mindful of the needs of others. 

From the insights we gained from our collective heart, we created the Positive Statement: “We receive Universal Life Force and respect the timing of creating balance between creative expansion and structure.” 

After creating that beautiful and powerful statement we wanted to ask our heart if there was any resistance from our mind that might hold us back. Our heart showed us the number related to the statement: “I fear being nothing.” Someone from the group said, “If my business is not successful then I am nothing.” They felt that the fear of being nothing stirred up feelings of competitiveness. “If I am going to be nothing, I will make sure the other guy is nothing first.” We realized that the fear of being nothing was an old structure, one that promoted competition instead of cooperation and trusting that we are all provided for in the manner that the Universe deems appropriate for our personal growth. We felt confident that we could shift this old energy and replace is with our Positive Statement. 

To help embed the vibration of the Positive Statement into the core of our being, we asked our heart to show us a number related to one of the Quantum Healing Codes. Our collective heart showed us track 20, which combines the code 639 and 852. The musical note of 639 is related to the Throat Chakra and 852 is the vibration of the Crown Chakra. This chord is the frequency of aligning our creative express (throat chakra) with the Divine (crown chakra). 

The last step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to ask our heart if we need a Positive Action, something to help us place our new vibration in a physical context. Our heart showed us the number related to: “Sunshine.” We all that that was perfect since the Sun is so powerfully connected to life-force energy.