On April 7, 2016 Scalar Heart Connection hosted a World Peace Webinar. The purpose of the group session was to ask our collective heart to give us insight into areas of our lives and inner-self that are not 100% aligned with inner or outer peace. It was an opportunity for people to come together on this important topic so we can fully resonate with the peace we want to experience in the world. The Scalar Heart Connection process helps us tap into the wisdom of the Eternal Heart. It utilizes the archetypal nature of number as a vehicle for communicating with the intelligence of heart consciousness.

Our co-host, Maria Elena Boekemeyer, opened the session with an astrological overview, since there was a New Moon that day. In Vedic astrology, and according to NASA, the Moon and Sun were in the House of Pisces. Pisces is about our connection with the Divine. This particular conjunction was also accompanied by Uranus, the planet of change and instability.

The attendees resonated with the change of Uranus and new beginnings associated with the New Moon. One person said they were going through changes in a family relationship; another with changes in how they operate their business. Others could relate to the feeling of guilt that arises when we try to let go of unhealthy relationships. The group wanted to focus the session on the Issue of how to overcome feelings of guilt around making changes.

People in the group took turns asking their heart to show them a number related to the different steps of the Scalar Heart Connection process. The first number chosen was related to the Crown Chakra, related with our connection to the Divine.

The archetypal pattern of the Crown Chakra, based on the Quantum Healing Codes, becomes activated in our lives when we are experiencing issues with anger or depression arising from unresolved emotions from the past. It is a challenge for us to examine our desires and to release our worries. It is a call to strengthen our sense of identity and self-worth and trust in the wisdom of the heart and the Divine.

The Emotion of the Crown Chakra is: “Meaning and Purpose.” This is the motivation for change. Our search for meaning and purpose can cause us to make changes in relationships and career choices.

The collective Mind-Brain Conditioned Belief around meaning and purpose was: “I am separate.” The group saw this on two different levels. On the positive side, we sometimes feel the need to disconnect and our mind believes that is normal because we are separate ego-identities. We also need to maintain our autonomy and set healthy boundaries, which also separates us from others or unhealthy situations. The group felt that the reason “I am separate” is a ‘negative’ mind-belief is due to the feeling of ‘guilt’ that sometime accompanies breaking away from family, friends, society and its cultural/religious structures.

The Positive Heart Message the group chose from their heart was: “I am part of All That Is.” The group felt this was the antidote to guilt. It says that when we are connected to the Divine then we are part of the Whole and not separate. Our guilt comes from the place of not being connected to the Divine. When we realize we are always a part of the Divine then we can trust that all our actions are inherently divinely guided. The group felt better with the realization that our actions, our separations, can be exactly what the other needed for their own growth and development.

The group then selected a number for the organ meridian that serves as a Mentor in support of the heart message. The group’s heart directed us to the Brain and the statement: “I synthesize my efforts into a graceful creative process.” The group now saw their need to separate as a win-win situation that could be accomplished gracefully and creatively.

The Level that the Issue of feeling guilt around making changes was found to be held on the Level of Emotions. The Emotion Level statement was: “Tension.” Someone in the group said that tension was what was keeping them up at night. The tension was coming from the turmoil of trying to separate gracefully.

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to find the Earlier Experience behind our feelings of guilt around separation. Someone from the group asked their heart for guidance and received the number related to the birth process, specifically in the first month. The first month is related to the First House (Aries) of the zodiac. The first house represents the beginning of Spring and, like the New Moon, it is about new birth and new beginnings. Aries symbolizes the emergence of consciousness into the material world, characterized by self-awareness or self-identity. This is the house of “I am.” Here, the “ego” begins to become aware of itself and strives to prove itself through its activities. The group felt the timing of the New Moon in Pisces was perfect because the Sun was only a couple weeks from entering Aries. Aries teaches us to become conscious of ourselves as independent beings as a first step towards merging with Universal consciousness. We feel guilty for wanting to separate, but it is misplaced, keeping us entwined with mass consciousness.

Someone from the group asked their heart to show them a number related to the Unmet Heart Need. This is the positive resonance that becomes displaced as a result of emotion of feeling disconnected from meaning and purpose. The heart showed the group the number related to: “Love bonding/Closeness.” The group said it is that longing for bonding with Universal consciousness. The one we feel has abandoned us. It is that terrible tear between us and the Universe. Therefore, we don’t want to inflict that abandonment on someone else. But then we interfere with their evolution. It is the only way they will grow up.

The Cellular Memory Trigger the group was shown was: “Taste.” Someone I the group said, “Yes, it the bitter awful taste in my mouth when I get pissed off.”

The Archetypal Hero Pattern that the group’s heart selected was the pattern 12-4-6. This pattern places the Issue in the context of a deeper, more subconscious behavior habit. It places the Issue in the Twelfth House, the house of Pisces. In Pisces, we dissolve the last ego-crystallizations of separateness. The ultimate goal of Pisces is about universal love—the kind of love that expects nothing in return. The Obstacle is found in the Fourth House, which represents our emotional security. It is a challenge for us to look deeply into unresolved issues from the past, particularly from childhood, where we are typically taught to suppress our feelings. It is a call to re-examine our purpose and to wake p to that small voice of heart-wisdom from within. The Action in this pattern is found in the Sixth House of Virgo. Here, we are called to analyze our behavior and tendency to be overly critical of ourselves and others. The action is to grow beyond the personality persona we took on out of guilt. It is a call to learn to first be of service to ourselves and then step into a more expanded Universal consciousness—one that is an instrument for the Divine in service to others.
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From the insights we gained from our collective heart, we created the Positive Statement: “I am beyond the personality I took on out of guilt and am in service to my Self first.”

 After creating that beautiful and powerful statement we wanted to ask our heart if there was any resistance from our mind that might hold us back. Our heart showed us the number related to the Mind Resistance statement: “If I let it go, it will happen again.” Someone in the group said this is the reason they are frozen. They said if they looked at the situation as a spiral, then they can see how the next time the situation appears they can just handle it differently and not beat themselves up over it. “This is the process I want to go through gracefully.”

To help embed the vibration of the Positive Statement into the core of our being, we asked our heart to show us a number related to one of the Quantum Healing Codes. Our collective heart showed us track 15, which combines the code 417 and 852. The musical note of 417 is related to the Pelvis Chakra and 852 is the vibration of the Crown Chakra. This chord is the frequency of aligning our deepest emotions and desires with the Divine (crown chakra).

The last step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to ask our heart if we need a Positive Action, something to help us place our new vibration in a physical context. Our heart showed us the number related to: “Massage.” Everyone loved that idea and the thought of being pampered and taken care of.

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