At a recent Healing Circle with Stephen Linsteadt and Simone Arrojo, Kory was selected from the group to have a session. He said he wanted to ask his heart why he got mad and irritated so easily.

The Scalar Heart Connection process asked Kory to ask his heart to show him a number related to the Chakra that was holding the energetic disruption around this Issue. His heart showed him the number related to the Heart Chakra and the over-activated Emotion: “Selfish.”

Stephen told the group that sometimes the heart goes right to the core of our problem even though it is uncomfortable to hear. Kory was not able to relate to being selfish. Stephen pointed out that his approach to Scalar Heart Connection was to always trust that the heart is correct. “It is our understanding that is at fault. If we trust the system and the Knowing Field, we will discover further into the session how the pieces fit together.”

Kory said that he mostly gets irritated when other people are selfish.

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to ask out heart to show us a number related to our Mind’s Negative Belief or programming around the Issue. Kory was shown the number related to: “I am unable to risk loving and being loved.” Kory said this statement was right on the spot.

Next, Kory asked his heart to show him a number related to the Positive Response his heart wanted to reprogram over his Negative Mind-Brain Belief. He was shown the statement: “I know when to trust others.” Kory shared with the group that there are issues in his family around trust, particularly between his mother and father. “It is better not to trust than to trust,” he said. “I used to think my father was selfish for having affairs. I now see that my mother played the victim role. I am at peace. I get irritated with other people that have a strong position without trying to understand the other person.”

The Scalar Heart Connection process also looks at any Organ that may be weakened by the disrupted emotion. Kory’s heart showed him the number related to the Lungs and the statement: “I am in sync with the natural rhythms of life.”

Kory’s heart also showed him that his Issue was held on an Emotional Level. The underlying factor behind this was: “Tension.” Kory said it had to do with his mother.

The next step in the process is to uncover the Earlier Experience or the source of the upset, negative emotion, or limiting belief. Kory’s heart showed him the tension and irritation was coming from a collective belief from his family system.

We also learned from Kory’s heart that the Unmet Heart Need or what was missing from his family system was the positive resonance of “Joy.”

Stephen felt that a Family Constellation might uncover the dynamics behind the lack of joy in Kory’s family and perhaps also heal the disconnection he was experiencing with his mother. He turned the session over to Simone who facilitated the constellation.

[Family Constellation]

SIMONE: What do you do for a living?
KORY: I am a nurse.
SIMONE: Is your mother alive?
KORY: Yes. She is always anxious and I have depression. My mother lost her older brother. He had heart problems and while in the hospital had an anaphylactic shock from penicillin and died. SIMONE points out to the group that Kory’s job is related to the death in his family.
KORY: Yes. It was a nurse who gave the shot to my uncle.
SIMONE: What remains in the family system when a young person dies? They feel they couldn’t save him. In this case, Kory compensates by being a nurse. However, it is necessary for him to go beyond the death. We will do a movement. We will place someone to represent Kory in the circle, someone to be the Uncle, and someone to be his Mother. We also need to add someone to represent Joy. Kory’s uncle owns what happened by himself. It is just necessary for Kory to give a place for his uncle with love. It is also important to give a place to the nurse who gave the shot.
SIMONE to Kory: I have to put you in the field as yourself.
Kory enters the circle and approaches his Uncle. They make eye contact. Mother approaches Kory, but he backs away and returns to stand next to his Uncle.
SIMONE to Uncle, say: I am in sync with the rhythm of my life. It was time for me to go and it was alright.
UNCLE repeats.
SIMONE to Uncle: Are you sad?
UNCLE: No I am happy.
KORY: I only feel comfortable looking into my uncle’s eyes.
SIMONE to Uncle, say: I am in sync with the natural rhythms of my life and I am comfortable with that.
UNCLE repeats.
KORY: I feel heavy when I see my mother.
SIMONE to Kory, say to Mother: I can see your pain, but your brother is well now. It was his time. KORY repeats.
SIMONE to Kory, say to your Mother: Since I was a child I see your sadness. I almost went with him.
KORY repeats.
Mother becomes tearful.
SIMONE to Kory, say to your Mother: I am very small to carry your pain. I honor this story with my profession. In every patient I help stay alive I celebrate my uncle’s life. Nurses and doctors are not God. I accept the time of each being. And in my profession I do the best I can.
KORY repeats.
Kory looks at Nurse and goes over to her. They look into each other’s eyes.
SIMONE to Kory, say to Nurse: I understand you. Our job requires a lot of responsibility. Sometimes we are used for those who want to live and also for those who want to die. All is well, where ever you are. You are free of the sorrow in our family.
KORY repeats.
SIMONE to Kory: How do you feel saying this?
KORY: I still feel pain.
SIMONE to Nurse, say: I assume my responsibility and I am sorry for what happened.
NURSE Repeats.
SIMONE to Uncle: Do you feel the Nurse did something to you or was it your time?
UNCLE to Nurse: You are free, you didn’t kill me.
SIMONE to Uncle: How does it feel to say this?
UNCLE: It feels right.
SIMONE to Kory: How do you feel now?
KORY: I feel better.
SIMONE to Kory: Are you married?
KORY: Yes.
SIMONE: Does your mother accept your wife?
KORY: Not so much.
SIMONE to Kory: Choose someone to represent your wife.
SIMONE to Kory, say to your mother: You stayed in the world of the dead and my father had to endure it and so did I. It is unnecessary.
KORY repeats.
SIMONE to Kory, say to Mother: I have lived until now to tell this story. And now I have to live my life. You will always be my dear mother and he will always be my dear uncle. But now I will move on.
KORY repeats.
Kory and Mother start to laugh.
SIMONE: And now the joy comes.
SIMONE to Wife, say to Mother: I respect your place.
WIFE repeats.
SIMONE: How does the Uncle feel?
UNCLE: I am at peace.
MOTHER: I feel well.
NURSE: I feel okay.
Kory and Wife are happy.

[End of Constellation]

Stephen asks Kory to return to his seat.

Stephen to Kory: How do you feel?

Kory: I feel lighter.

Stephen asks Kory to say to the group: “I am alive, I am joyful, and I want to live.”

Stephen adds this statement to the Positive Statement within the Scalar Heart Connection session.

Kory’s heart asks him to choose a number for the Mind’s Resistance to the Positive Statement. Kory chooses the number related to the statement: “I need to honor the memory.”

Kory now recognizes that he no longer has to carry the memory. He also sees where his anger and irritation came from. He can now move forward with his life with joy.

Kory’s heart shows him a number for the Quantum Healing Code 639 & 852. Kory and the group make figure-eight movements over the front of their bodies while listening to the tone and all repeat: “I am alive, I am joyful, and I want to live.”

*** The session is complete ***


When statements come up in a session that, at first glance, don’t seem to make sense, it is a clue that more is going on. It is a clue that the heart is going to take us in a direction that we can’t always anticipate. Often, these clues tend to make their purpose known within the family constellation. This happens because the heart is setting up the constellation for us before hand. In Kory’s example, the emotion of ‘selfish’ pointed to his feelings about his father. It wasn’t that Kory is selfish, but rather, ‘selfish’ was a trigger. When he experiences selfish behavior in others Kory becomes irritated. As we saw in the family constellation, there was a deeper component behind his father’s apparent selfishness. We saw how life stopped for Kory’s mother when her brother died. She was not available for her husband nor fully available for her son. This is a form of being ‘selfish.’ Kory’s family system was stuck in the resonance of sorrow and in the background there was the feeling that someone else is to blame, which turned out to be the nurse. When Kory ‘saw’ and understood his mother’s pain and ‘saw’ how the nurse was only playing her role, he was able to make room for joy. He was able to return to the living.

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