By Anchal Jyoti

The Scalar Heart Connection process is a complete healing diagnostic tool, which helps to identify the hidden core issues not just within our personal space, but in the Systemic space as well. Theta Healing helps you to release those beliefs which are limiting or sabotaging. But then comes a time when a client refuses to show anything on the muscle testing level. Either they are working too much out of the mind or there is a deep seated fear, which acts as a resistance to the healing. As a therapist, sometimes you don’t know how to go about it.

The good news is that with Scalar Heart Connection you can help your client look into their heart and tap into those emotions which are frozen, since ages, in the DNA. Muscle testing can sometimes not work with these difficult clients. The heart is a place from where we all operate and, therefore, tapping into the energies of the heart is essential for healing. Unfortunately, muscle testing at times does not reach that level. The Scalar Heart Connection process can surpass the conscious, logical mind as well as the critical filter and help the client reach the subconscious level with ease.

Below is a case study which will help you understand how The Scalar Heart Connection can be used with Theta Healing.

Case Study:

Issue: Peter, age 34, always struggles for money. Even when he has a job, there is no savings whatsoever. There are always unforeseen expenses like medical or house repairs which cannot be pushed forward. I started began the session with muscle testing with Peter’s belief that Money cannot be saved or at best it is difficult to save. Peter tested negative for that statement, which should have been positive since it would have resonated with his belief system. Then, we took the conversation further, but for each belief he wasn’t really testing positive. I made sure he was well hydrated as that can also through off muscle testing. This was when, for the first time, I decided to do a Scalar Heart Connection session.

: We began the Scalar Heart Connection session by writing the issue as stated above – “I cannot save money and it is always a struggle with money.” The session showed us that the root cause of the problem was related to the statement: “I fear being nothing.” And for this statement Peter tested positive when we did a muscle testing. When he said, “I fear being nothing,” there were tears in his eyes and he could feel the feeling in his heart. Theta Healing was done to replace the limiting belief and download the necessary feelings. After the session, he felt much lighter than ever and kept me updated once a week about all the positive changes he had after the session.

: Theta Healing can help you resolve a lot of beliefs of clients which need careful and tactful digging. But, when you combine it with Scalar Heart Connection, you can go to the root cause in no time as well as provide a positive belief that will resonate with from their heart. The participation of the client is 100% on all levels and hence healing happens in a very swift manner.

* People who receive Scalar Heart Connection sessions from others take responsibility for consulting the health professional of their choice regarding all matters pertaining to their physical, emotional or mental health. Those who attend Scalar Heart Connection workshops use the material for themselves, friends, or for professional use in accordance with the laws of their state. Scalar Heart Connection does not present any part of this work, directly or indirectly, for the diagnosis or prescription of any disease or condition.