At a Healing Circle hosted by Simone Arrojo and Stephen Linsteadt, Anabelle was chosen to have a session. 

Anabelle wanted a Scalar Heart Connection session because she has breast cancer in her left breast, issues with digestion, and was diagnosed with a fatty liver. 

The Scalar Heart Connection session started with Anabelle asking her heart to show her a number related to the chakra holding the limiting pattern around her illness (Issue). Her heart showed her that the Issue is related to the Brow Chakra and the Emotion: “Out of control.” Anabelle said that she felt out of control in all aspects of her life.

The Negative Mind-Brain Conditioning or the negative self-talk going on in Anabelle’s head was “I do not want to be in my body. It feels like a burden.” Anabelle said she couldn’t relate to this statement. Stephen commented that our mind is always reluctant or incapable of telling the truth, but our body, as in this case, says otherwise. 

The Positive Heart Message that Anabelle’s heart wanted her to replace the negative mind-talk with was: “My thinking is focused and I have a clear vision.” Anabelle said she had no clue about her future. 

Next, Anabelle’s heart guided her to the meridian of the Brain and the statement: “I change with grace and ease.” She said she became a vegan three weeks earlier and considered that a big change. She said it was easy. Then she said she still smokes cigarettes but has cut down. 

Anabelle’s heart showed her that her Issue was being held on the Level of being “Obsessive Compulsive.” She said that smoking is something she does compulsively. “In my relationships I become obsessive compulsive as if I am obsessed by the person.” 

The Earlier Experience her heart showed her as the source of the issue was something that happened during the age of 14 years-old. Anabelle suddenly looked shocked and said that was how old she was when she was sexually abused.  

The Unmet Heart Need or the thing that is still missing as a result of the earlier experience was: “Protection from Harm.” Anabelle said she was abused in two situations. One in the street with violence involved and the other with her grandfather, but not physically. “My grandfather used to take care of me. My mother was sexually abused. My relationship with her is complicated.” 

Simone commented that she noticed that Anabelle was smiling when she told the group she has cancer. “No one says they have cancer with a smile unless they don’t respect their mother,” she said. Simone said cigarette smoking is what is missing from your father. “You are trying to breathe him in. What is happening is showing you something. It is not random. It is not happening to you as a victim.” 

SIMONE began the family constellation by asking Anabella to choose someone to represent her Mother, someone to represent her Father (deceased), and someone to represent her Self. 

The three representatives enter the center of the room. Father turns away from the other two. Mother approaches Father. Self stands back. Mother also moves back from Father. Father hangs his head looking at the floor. 

SIMONE asks four people to enter and places them one behind the other facing the father. 
“These four people represent all the women in your family who kept secrets about the sexual abuse they suffered.” 

FATHER turns and faces them. Father says, “Me too and my mother also.” 
SIMONE asks two men to enter as representatives for the men who committed the sexual abuse. 
SELF looks at ABUSED WOMAN-1. 
SIMONE to SELF: say to ABUSED WOMAN-1, “Now we can speak.” 
SELF: Now we can speak.
Abused Woman-2 says she feels like throwing up. 
SIMONE to ABUSED WOMAN-1: say, “Now we can speak.” 
ABUSED WOMAN-1: “Now we can speak.” 
Three of the Abused Women place their hands over their hearts. 
SIMONE to SELF: Say to the ABUSED WOMEN: “Now we can ask for help. Now we can ask for protection from harm.” 
SELF repeats.
Simone asks a man and a woman from the audience to enter. 
ABUSED WOMAN-3 goes to the floor and lies on her back. 
SIMONE: If women abused their sexuality from previous lifetimes in order to get other things, there is a price to pay. Women have an amazing power, including the sexual one. When we conquer a man by sex this is manipulation. When we conquer through sex to get what we want there are charges that come later. This can cause the family system to go out of balance. 
FATHER: I can’t come close to SELF. I feel a barrier here. “I am dangerous to you, as was my father.” SELF: I feel welcome and warm with no power to do anything here with my mother. 
MAN: I feel strong here but weak when they (Father and Self) stand together.  
Anabelle: My step-mother was between me and my father. 
SIMONE: That is why you smoke. 
SIMONE to Self: See if you can get the life from your Father. 
SELF: I feel so much love here with my Father. 
Anabelle enters the circle. 
SIMONE: That is why you get so obsessed with the boyfriend, but that is not real love. 
SIMONE to Anabelle: Say to your Father: “I receive you now in a healthy way and without pain. Through cigarettes I got closer to you in an unbalanced way and with pain. And now I get closer to you with another consciousness. I am not on your side or my mom’s side from what happened in your married life.” 
Anabelle repeats. 
SIMONE to Anabelle: say, “I miss you a lot.”
Anabelle to FATHER: I miss you a lot. 
FATHER: I am here with another consciousness. 
SIMONE to FATHER: Say to Anabelle: “You don’t have to die to meet me.” 
FATHER to Anabelle: You don’t have to die to meet me. 
SIMONE to Anabelle: Look at your father. 
Anabelle goes to Father and they hug. 
SIMONE to Anabelle: As an exercise, bow your head and give thanks to your parents for the gift of life they gave you. Say, “I inspire my parents to change and they inspired me to be different.” 
Anabelle repeats.
SIMONE to Anabelle: See if it is possible to say ‘yes.’ 
Anabelle: Yes. 
SIMONE to Anabelle: Say to your MOTHER: “What you didn’t give to me I will get from other people. What remains is love and gratitude. And I grow spiritually and I stop complaining about what I didn’t get.” 
Anabelle repeats.
SIMONE to Anabelle: Say to your Mother: “You are the right woman for my father and he is the right man for my mother. And I am smaller than you are. I accept you the way you are – human. And I accept myself the way I am – human.”
Anabelle repeats. 
SIMONE: We will end here. 

Anabelle is now radiating, relaxed, and more in her body. Earlier in the session, Anabelle’s Positive Heart Statement was: “My thinking is focused and I have a clear vision.” From the family constellation, she has seen the truth behind her illness and now accepts the situation, her parents, and more importantly herself. Because the shift in her was so visibly noticeable, Stephen also ended the Scalar Heart Connection portion of the session at this point. He didn’t want to take her away from the movement of love she was experiencing inside herself. 

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