Valerie felt that a past trauma was preventing her from moving forward in her life. She said she was almost terrified of the future, but couldn’t put her finger on the exact cause.

A Scalar Heart Connection session directed her to the Crown Chakra and the emotion of feeling disconnected from meaning and purpose. The Quantum Healing Code pattern for the Crown Chakra is 8-5-2. This pattern reveals that Valerie’s real Issue lies in the Eighth House, which indicates that there are unresolved issues from the past. The number 5 in this pattern represents the Fifth House, which is the Obstacle preventing Valerie from moving forward. The Fifth House is about self-identity and how we express our full creativity and self-confidence. It is also about learning to embrace our higher purpose. The Action is found in the Second House, which tells us Valerie’s solution lies in releasing worries and anxieties about having enough money and personal resources. It is about strengthening her sense of self-worth and becoming mindful of the needs of others.

Valerie’s heart directed her to the number related to the Negative Mind-brain Conditioned Response to her issue, which was the statement: “I am separate.” Valerie said, “Yes, I am alone and separate.”

Next, Valerie’s heart gave her the number for the Positive Heart Response: “Life is an adventure – it is easy.” She also received a message from a meridian mentor: “I accept and express my Divine right to personal power.

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to identify the mind-body-spirit level of the unresolved issue. Valerie’s heart directed her to the Psychological Level, specifically a phobia of money. Valerie’s response was, “That is amazing. Oh God, how money can take over people’s lives or run them. I feel like the people I love the most are controlled by money and the pursuit of it. I don’t have a balanced relationship with money. I feel ashamed to have it, sort of. The man that I am with now (for 15 years) is always pursuing money… not having good luck with it. It affects me. I am not connection with his business because there is a conflict around it. I have savings and he doesn’t so he feels like he has to work, work, work. We are not energetically aligned because of the money. With personal power I would make choices about how and where I want to live. I wouldn’t be afraid of money that is available to me. I would allow the freedom to use the money that is available to me. I’m not necessarily afraid to work with it or to take ownership of the money as an adult, but I am afraid of bigger purchases.”

We needed to know the origin of Valerie’s fear of money. Her heart directed her to the number associated with Genetic/ancestral (family conditioning). “Oh yes,” she said. “Definitely my dad is very much Jewish about money. He is Jewish. He is also ill. He gets upset about spending anything even though he has so much saved. It’s classic immigration stuff; not having anything and building from scratch. My mom loves flash, but my father is where I have my heart connection. He is my life-line. He is always kind and patient with me. I have some savings but my dad has assets. If I needed money I would have to ask my dad and that is terrifying. My dad gave my husband and I enough money to buy a house. My husband died less than two months after we moved into the house and two weeks after my son was born. My current house is a kind of default house; it was supposed to be temporary – eighteen years later…”

The session then directed Valerie to the Unmet Heart Need. The Unmet Heart Need is the emotion or feeling that was displaced from the earlier experience. Valerie’ heart chose the number related to: ‘Gratitude.’ In Valerie’s case, it is the resonance of gratitude and appreciation that she missed as a child due to the terror she felt asking her dad for money. Gratitude and appreciation was not available to her as a child because of the stress associated with asking for help. Whatever gratitude she may have felt from her father’s financial support in buying her first house with her new husband was lost when her husband died two months later. Valerie realized that she had a sub-conscious belief around gratitude. She explained: ”If I am grateful, it will be taken from me.”

The next step in the session is to determine if there is a Memory Trigger that causes the unresolved issue around gratitude to manifest in Valerie’s life. Valerie’s heart directed her to the number associated with ‘scars.’ Valerie said she has a scar at the bottom of her spine. She explained that several years after her husband died, she saw a chiropractor who adjusted her coccyx because it was rigid from holding grief. The result was an outbreak of herpes-like welts at the base of her tailbone. The coccyx is about flexibility, particularly in relation to walking or in Valerie’s case, taking the next step in her life. She was emotionally frozen and it had manifested in her coccyx. One might speculate that the herpes virus had found the stagnated energy in her coccyx to be a good place to lay dormant. It was the chiropractic adjustment that stirred up the hornet’s nest.

Valerie’s heart showed her the number related to the Sub-Archetypal Hero Pattern: 7-3-1. This pattern puts Valerie’s session in the perspective of the Hero’s Journey. In other words, her Issue of not being able to move forward in life can be seen as the Seventh Stage of the Hero’s Journey, which is related to the Approach to the Inmost Cave. It is related to the Seventh House of the zodiac; the house of harmony and connection with others. It is the stage where the Hero gathers resources and strength needed to slay the dragon guarding the elixir. It is about issues with relationships. A lack of harmony and connection to others can lead to isolation and loneliness as well as feelings of shame and guilt. However, these issues can be a calling for the Hero to find a relationship with themselves and a re-connection to their higher, authentic self. Before the Hero can continue their journey, they learn to live harmoniously with others and with themselves.

The Obstacle the Hero faces in the 7-3-1 pattern is in the Third Stage. This is the Hero’s Refusal of the Call to Adventure. It requires the Hero to overcome their cultural or ancestral prejudices so they can attain a state of unconditional love. The Obstacle is related to the Negative Mind-Brain Conditioning, which for Valerie was the belief that she was separate and disconnected from meaning and purpose.

For Valerie, the others side of feeling separate from others was gratitude and appreciation (the Unmet Heart Need). Gratitude and appreciation leads to unconditional love. To make the shift from feeling separate to reconnecting to her higher, authentic self requires her to take Action. The action needed is found in the 7-3-1 pattern, specifically in the First House, which is where the Hero becomes aware of their unique identity. The Action relates to learning to embrace the sense of identity in relation to others without becoming controlling or dominating. It is about getting what we want in a heartful and compassionate manner. The Action is related to the Positive Heart Message, which for Valerie was: “Life is an adventure – it is easy.” And “I accept and express my Divine right to personal power.”

Valerie suddenly saw how the pattern related to her experience. She explained that her husband died on August 5th, the same date as her grandmother’s death, although many years earlier. Her grandmother’s father also shares the death anniversary date of August 5th. This synchronicity made her feel a strong connection to the ancestral issue of money and gratitude. She said, “My heart knows that life is a joyful adventure, it can be easy and light. My strength is my lifeline to Divinity as my primary Source. My mind stopped me because when I started to live and develop everything shattered so I went small, scared and went back to familiar family patterns. I stayed loyal to my dad.” From this insight, she created her Positive Statement: “I am alive and life is meant to be lived. I choose life.”

Valerie then asked her heart to show her a number related to the Mind Resistance to her Positive Statement. Her heart showed her the number related to: ‘I need to be right or I will die.’ To this Valerie responded: “I need to NOT take risks in life or I will die. That was my old belief. Now I can see that it is better to live and die than not live at all.”

The Quantum Healing Code Valerie needed to help bring the new and positive vibration into every cell of her body was the chord 528 & 639. The frequency of 528 is related to the heart and 639 is the Throat Chakra. She needed the vibration of heart-connection through self-expression. After listening to the code, her heart directed her to surround herself with the white light of unconditional love.