Damien wanted to do a Scalar Heart Connection session around the psoriasis he has on his legs.

He asked his heart to show him a number one through seven in order to identify the emotional center holding the Issue of his psoriasis. His heart showed him the number related to the Root chakra.

The Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern #396 of the Root chakra places the deeper context of the Issue in the lower mind, where we can become caught in the duality of right or wrong, good and bad, etc. It is where we may over-think or become judgmental. We may interpret our experiences through the lens of cultural conditioning and react from fear: fear for survival or fear of not belonging. When fear causes us to become stuck in the alarm response, our nervous system stays on high alert and we have difficulty relaxing, which can cause an excessively rapid proliferation of skin cells triggered by inflammatory chemicals produced by specialized white blood cells called lymphocytes. This build-up of skin cells acts like an armor, protecting us from criticism. When this pattern is active, the Obstacle, in this case, can be our self-imposed limitations that prevent us from having a broader and more accepting view of the world. The Action we need to take is to embrace new experiences without fear, to travel and to enjoy life.

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to identify the specific emotion that is over-activated in the Root chakra. Damien’s heart showed him the number related to the Emotion: “Low self-esteem.”

The Negative Mind-Brain Conditioning Damien’s heart revealed was: “I dislike my body.”

The Positive Heart Response was: “I face life with courage and trust.”

The Organ Mentor was the Large Intestines with the statement: “I joyfully release the past, live in the moment and I am free.”

The Issue of Low self-esteem was being held on the Emotional Level. Specifically, Damien’s heart said it was about: “Frustration.”

The Earlier Experience that was created the sense of fear, frustration, and disliking of the body was Genetic/Ancestral. Damien’s heart directed him to his father.

Family Constellation – We decided to do a family constellation around Damien’s Issue since the heart brought it up in the Earlier Experience. Damien selected someone to represent himself and his father. He also selected someone to represent his father’s mother (grandmother). His father immediately became tense and felt heat burning in his body and then his hands began to sweat. When asked what he was feeling he said, “My mom wants me to be different. I can never act in a way that pleases her.” Damien informed us that his father also has psoriasis. When asked what grandmother was feeling, she said she was also tense. “My mom was very strict.”

Damien selected someone to represent his grandmother’s mom (great-grandmother) and someone for her parents. The great-grandmother also became tense in the presence of her father. She informed us that her father was strict and full of rage. The whole family was tense in response to others being strict and having expectations that no one was able to meet.

We were unable to access the root cause of the problem between the great-grandmother and her father so we utilized the Ask Your Heart App. We asked great-grandmother to pick a number so we could see what her heart had to say about the relationship between her and her father. Her heart showed her the number related to the Brow chakra and the Emotion: “Out of control.” The Negative Mind-brain Conditioning was: “I react rather than interact.” The Unmet Heart Need her heart chose was: “Innocence.” And the Positive Heart Message was: “I am comfortable in my body.

Damien was amazed to see how his tension and the discomfort in his body were passed down to him from his father, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Grandmother and great-grandmother embraced. Great-grandmother said she was only trying to protect her. She was sorry for being so strict. Great-grandmother and grandmother included Damien’s father in the embrace. Everyone let out a big sigh of relief.

Going back to the original session, Damien asked his heart to show him a number related to the Unmet Heart Need. His heart showed him the number related to: “Truth.” Damien said he saw the truth in the constellation. “Now I see the truth of who I am. I am not my father. I can now joyfully release the past, live in the moment and I am free. The truth is that I am free.”

The Archetypal Hero Pattern Damien’s heart showed him was #11-3-5. This pattern tells us that the Issue of psoriasis, on a deeper level, is about breaking out of old structures (the eleventh house). It is the pent-up desire (tension) to rebel against authority. The Obstacle in the third house is about facing our cultural or family conditioning that judges or criticizes. In Damien’s case, it is related to being criticized: great-grandmother criticizing grandmother; grandmother criticizing father; father criticizing son. The Obstacle forces us to open our heart wide enough to embrace all of our differences and to have compassion and understanding for others. The Action found in the fifth house is a call to re-connect with our inner wisdom and creative spirit and to begin promoting our inherent generosity, warmth, love, and play.

The Story – Damien said, “I am no longer a person who holds tension. I saw the truth and now I am free.”

Damien created the Positive Statement: “I joyfully release the past, I love my body and myself and I am free.”

The Mind Resistance to Damien’s Positive Statement was: “Money is the root of all evil.” Damien said that his son also has an underlying theme of holding tension and is especially anxious around issues of money and being able to provide for his family. He informed us that his great-grandfather was most likely Jewish and may have had the belief that “If I have money I will be put to death.”

When the Mind Resistance strikes a deep chord as it happened for Damien, it is a sign that another Scalar Heart Connection may be needed. Damien needed to take some time to integrate this session and then, later, see if he still has a charge around the issue of money.

To help integrate the current session, Damien’s heart chose the “Open HeartQuantum Healing Code.

The Positive Action that came up was: “Other.” Damien suspected he needed to have another session so he could get to these deeper layers.

* People who receive Scalar Heart Connection sessions take responsibility for consulting the health professional of their choice regarding all matters pertaining to their physical, emotional or mental health. Scalar Heart Connection does not present any part of this work, directly or indirectly, for the diagnosis or prescription of any disease or condition.