During a Healing Circle with Stephen Linsteadt and Simone Arrojo, Selma was called to have a Scalar Heart Connection session. She said she wanted the session to find out about her inability to lose weight. She said she compulsively eats until her stomach aches. She said the problem started when she was thirteen-years-old.

Selma’s heart showed her that the Issue was related to the Brow Chakra. The archetypal personality pattern of the Brow Chakra tells us that her Issue is related to relationship problems or feeling isolated, which can arise when we get bogged down with unresolved issues or suppressed feelings from the past. This pattern becomes activated in an effort to help us embrace a sense of identity in relation to others without feeling the need to control others or situations. It is a lesson in trusting our heart and our connection to the Divine.

Selma asked her heart to show her a number related to the Emotion or feeling that was behind her Issue. Her heart showed her the number related to the statement: “Over exhaustion.” Selma said, “Yes, I feel real tired all the time.”

Next, Selma’s heart showed her the Negative Mind tape that was going on in the back of her mind with the statement: “I do not want to be in my body (it feels like a burden).” Selma said that the statement made sense.

Selma’s heart wanted to replace the worn-out and negative mind-talk with the Positive Heart Statement: “I am calm and centered.” Selma said the statement was true until she turned thirteen.

The next step in the process asks our heart to show us if there is an Organ that has been weakened by our negative belief or emotion. Selma’s heart showed her the number related to her Nervous System and the positive statement” “I communicate my truth clearly and confidently to others.” Selma said, “I had issues with boys in college. Boys started bothering me when I turned thirteen.”

Selma asked her heart to show her a number related to the Level of her Unresolved Issue. Her heart showed her the number related to the Mental Level, specifically about “Personal Power.”

The Early Experience is when Selma’s problem started. Her heart revealed that it started at the age of three. Selma said that was when she started preschool. “I confess that I didn’t like it.”

The positive resonance or Unmet Heart Need that Selma lost from the stressful experience of going to pre-school was shown by her heart to be “Confidence.”

The Cellular Memory Trigger was: “People.”

With the information provided by Selma’s heart, Simone started a Constellation. She asked Selma to choose someone to represent her Self, Seven Children from preschool, her Mother, and her Father.

Self enters and immediately looks down.
Father closes his eyes.
Child1 stands behind Self, back to back.
Self: I want to run away.
Child1: It feels like an energy drain here.
SELMA: When I got home from college I didn’t have energy for anything.
Child1: I have a connection but it is better when my back is to her.
Self starts to cry.
Child2: If someone touches her (Self) I will do something.
Self: I can’t feel my hands. I feel grief.
Child3: I want to lay down.
Child3 lays down where Self was looking.
Self begins to cry and kneels down to Child3.
Child3: I want to get closer, I feel sorry for her, I feel goosebumps, But I can’t get closer.
Mother: I got a stomach ache when Child3 laid down. It is better now.
Child2: I was getting angry, but I feel better now that Child3 is laying down. I wanted to protect her with aggression.
Child1: My arms are heavy.
SELMA: When I turned 8-years-old my uncle died and my mom said we couldn’t have a birthday party.
Child3: About the party, that got my attention. I just want to be seen by her (Self).
Simone: There was a trauma in the school.
Child3: Something happened to me and I just want her to look at me. I just want to play.
SELMA: That makes me feel sad.
Child3: The play was interrupted.
Child2: I have the sensation of punishment.
Child1: Everyone stopped and just stood around looking.
Child3: Looking away, says, “I don’t want to look at anything. I just want to play.”
Simone asks Selma to choose someone to be the Principal of the school.
Selma’s real Mother is in the audience. She says, “The principal of the school was a woman and she was very strict and always mad.”
Mother: I want to be here with her and tell her to just be calm.
SELMA: About punishment, I was terrified of being punished for anything.
Principal: The mother doesn’t have to be here.
Child1: I recognize the suffering. What she is going through I also experienced.
SELMA enters and looks at Child3, who is laying on the floor.
Child2: I want to cry.
Child1: My arms are lighter. The energy is starting to flow.
Simone to the children: Look around at each other and see all your friends.
Child2: I have goosebumps.
Child1: I want to cry again.
Simone to Mother: Say to the Principal, “You are hiding something.”
Mother repeats.
Principal: I don’t have to give any explanation about what happened here. I am in control.
Self: I was feeling fear. I couldn’t look at her. I wanted to run away.
Child3: When the Principal enters the room we can’t laugh anymore or be happy.
Simone to SELMA: Say to Principal, “I grew up. Maybe you killed some children emotionally.”
SELMA repeats.
Child3: I was not allowed to evolve.
Principal: I am not worried about the emotions of the children, I just want everything to be right.
SELMA: I just remembered that I was in the room with a pacifier.
Simone: You are grown up but you still have a pacifier in your mouth.
Simone to SELMA: Say, “Trust is not in the pacifier or in the food.”
SELMA repeats.
SELMA: I don’t feel fear now. I miss her (the Principal).
Principal and SELMA hug.
Simone to SELMA: Say to Principal, “I accept my limits including those limits of eating, and I thank you.”
SELMA repeats.
Simone ends the Constellation.

Stephen asks Selma to ask her heart to show her a number related to the Archetypal Hero Pattern. This pattern fine-tunes the Issue, Obstacle, and Action to help put the “Story” into a clearer perspective. In this way, the resulting “Positive Statement” reaches deep into our subconscious and into the essential message from our heart.

Selma’s heart showed her the Archetypal Hero Pattern (10-2-4). This pattern informs us that depression and despair, or obstacles and social structures/barriers, can affect the hero’s sense of self-worth and their ability to contribute to the global community. The challenge for Selma was to discern what was truly valuable and useful for her evolution and for the benefit of others. Her heart was asking her to release her worries and anxiety about personal comfort and the preoccupation with having enough (personal resources/food for comfort) and to become grateful for what she does have. Selma was called to strengthen her sense of self-worth and to become mindful of the needs of others. Life’s experiences have a way of forcing us into action. Selma was called to re-examine her purpose and to overcome her fees stemming from childhood memories and suppressed emotions.

Stephen asked Selma if she could describe what her heart had shown her in this session (The Story). Selma said, “The pacifier gave me confidence and the feeling of support and comfort. Food has replaced the pacifier. The vision of my principal was that she was a monster and I didn’t want to remember her. Now I see I learned so much from her and I am grateful. She taught me the value of order and discipline. The pacifier gave me happiness and pleasure. I felt horrible when I had to give it up. I felt like I was doing something wrong so I hid it in my backpack. When I eat I feel happy and pleasure. I eat in secret all the time. I was addicted to the pacifier and then to food. I had three pacifiers: one in my mouth and one in each hand. Now I want to replace food with singing, reading, and writing. Now I feel like I want to go to the gym.

Selma said she wanted to use the Positive Statement her heart gave her: “I am calm and centered.”

To help embed the Positive Statement into Selma’s body-mind-spirit, Selma asked her heart to show her a number related to the Quantum Healing Codes. Her heart showed her the code #417. This code is related to the Pelvis Chakra, which is where we can feel empty or incomplete. It is the center of unfulfilled desires. While listening to the code, Selma made figure-eight hand movements over her body from the root chakra up to the top of her head. At the same time, she repeated the words, “I am calm and centered.” She repeated these words three times out loud, three times quietly to herself, and three times silently to all of the cells in her body.

To fully integrate her session Selma’s heart asked her to surround herself with the White Light of Unconditional  Love.

There was no Positive Action.

The session was complete.

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