On May 12, 2016, Scalar Heart Connection hosted a Group Session Healing Circle Webinar. The purpose of these sessions is to ask our collective hearts to give us insight into areas of our lives and inner-self that are motivating us to change and grow. It is an opportunity for the participants to transform resonance patterns that are standing in the way of what they want in a relationship, career, life-purpose, feeling disconnected, or issues with low self-esteem, etc.

Stephen opened the session of an over-view of the transiting planets as a way to open the discussion of how these archetypal energy patterns may be affecting our lives at the moment. In Vedic astrology, and according to NASA, Saturn and Mars were both retrograde in Scorpio (the 8th house). Just a few days prior, Jupiter began to move forward in the 5th house. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus were beginning to move into the 2nd house. When we connected these houses they formed a triangle identical to the Quantum Healing Code #8-5-2. Stephen suspected that many people would be experiencing issues with their current structures around relationships, business, spiritual beliefs, and a connection to the Divine. The challenge is for us to learn to step into joy (Jupiter in the 5th house of Leo) and our personal power and expression. The 8-5-2 pattern tells us that the way to accomplish this is through the pattern of the 2nd house—how we live in the outer world.

The attendees resonated with feeling stuck, not being able to go into action, or feeling undermined in their efforts. There was also a sense that we lacked clarity as well as courage in moving into action with our ideas and plans.

We took turns asking our hearts to show us the numbers we needed in each step of the Scalar Heart Connection process. The first number we received put the Issue of wanting to go into action with clarity and courage into a disrupted energy pattern in the Pelvis Chakra and the Quantum HealingCode Archetypal pattern #4-1-7. This pattern provided the insight that behind our struggle to go into action with clarity and courage was an entanglement with childhood memories that formed certain beliefs around low self-worth. This pattern calls for courage, purpose, and a response to life’s challenges with heart-consciousness. We were being called to rise above the wounds of the past and accept them as lessons and motivations for growth and expanded awareness.

The next step in the process was to find the specific Emotion that was driving the discomfort behind the Issue. Our collective heart showed us the number related to: Lust. Lust is also another word for a strong and unsatisfied desire. We weren’t sure what our heart was trying to tell us so we continued confident that we would be able to put the pieces together later in the session.

The next step was to find the Negative Mind-Brain Conditioned Belief around the Issue. This is the mental self-talk and programmed conditioned belief we acquired since childhood around the Issue and the Emotion. Our heart showed us the statement: I react defiantly and do not recognize my own endurance limits. The group felt that this was referring to how we often go into action from a place of emotion, which can undermine clarity and focus. As a result, we can go in circles until exhausted. One attendee felt this was related to their issue of feeling undermined. The recent suicide of a friend derailed their efforts with one of her activist groups.

Our heart then showed us a number related to the Positive Heart Response. This is our heart’s suggestion for how to counter-act our negative mind-chatter. The number we received related to the statement: “I know how to nurture and heal myself.”

The next person in the group asked their heart to show them a number related to the Organ Mentor. They received the number connected to the Bladder and the statement: “I choose with clarity intelligent and creative ways to manifest my dreams.

Next, we needed to know the Level on which this Issues was being held. Our heart informed us that it was on the level of Spirit, related to a disconnection from Source, Higher Self, Truth, etc.

We were also informed by our heart that the Early Experience, or source of this belief, is coming from a Collective Consciousness or society belief.

The Unmet Heart Need or positive resonance that was blocked due to our collective disconnection was: Joy. This reminded the group of Jupiter moving out of retrograde on May 9th as Jupiter is the planet of joy, expansion, and prosperity. We started to think how our lives would be different if we resonated naturally with joy. How would we approach our problems and setbacks if at the core of our being we were joy?

Next, we asked our collective heart if we needed to know about a Cellular Memory Trigger. In other words, was there something in the outside world that was pushing our buttons around going into action with courage and clarity? Our heart gave us the statement: “Climate/Weather.” This made us think about change. The one thing we know for certain is that the weather will always change. Change is also the one thing most people fear the most. Human beings hate the unknown. We are afraid of things that are just around the corner. We thought about the recent tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma and how people’s lives were changed without warning. It made us contemplate how our outer world can suddenly be dangerous. It appears to be the natural state of our Universe when we consider that the very subatomic particles that make up our outer world are constantly bombarding and annihilating each other. There is the adage that “Life feeds on life,” which shouldn’t make anyone feel safe. We started to see that the Universe is an arena of change and that change is what motivates (forces) us to grow and evolve. We started to see our Issue in a new light. We also found a new relationship to the Emotion of lust. We started out approaching our Issue as wanting clarity. What we were really saying is that we want certainty and the courage to move in the direction of what we want (desire/lust). Our collective heart gave us the insight that there is no such thing as certainty and we aren’t in control of what the Universe gives us. Instead, we were being advised to learn acceptance for the gifts the Universe brings for our growth and evolution. If we can see our challenges in that light, then perhaps we can go through our problems with joy. Okay, that was going too far for us at the moment. We settled on the word ‘balance.’ We can go through our challenges and upsets with emotional balance and trust. Not trusting we will be safe, but trusting that the outcome, no matter how unpleasant, is purposeful and perfect.

The next step in the Scalar Heart Connection process is to find the Archetypal Hero Pattern. This pattern fine-tunes the session and places our Issue into a deeper message from our heart. The group’s heart chose the pattern #8-4-2. This is similar to the 8-5-2 pattern Stephen talked about earlier with regards to the transiting planets. The difference is the middle number (the Challenge or Obstacle) is 4 instead of 5. The 4th House represents our emotions. It is ruled by the Moon, which just happened to be transiting through the 4th House as we were doing this session. The 8-4-2 pattern places the Issue in the 8th House as a calling to transform personal desire (lust) for control over others and/or Nature and outer events into desire for the common group or global community. The challenge in the 4th House calls us to look deeply into unresolved issues from the past, particularly from childhood, where we are often taught to suppress our feelings. We then learn that it is alright to feel and express our feelings appropriately (in the case of the friend who committed suicide they may have been unable to feel and express their emotions). The Action in the 2nd House asks us to let go of our worries and anxieties about security, safety, personal comfort, and the need to control the outside world. In this way we can feel the hurts and challenges of the world, express them, but then move on to the next challenge with equanimity and, yes, even joy.

The group created the Positive Statement: “I accept what the Universe brings with clarity and balance and a joyful heart.”

To help us shift into the resonance of this new pattern, we asked our heart to show us a number related to a Quantum Healing Code. Our collective heart gave us the number related to the chord 417 & 852. The note 417 cps is related to the Pelvis Chakra, which is the chakra our heart told us was out of balance in relationship to the Issue. The note 852 cps is related to the Crown Chakra and the pattern we found in the transiting planets. The two notes played together helped us to harmonize our emotions with joy and trust in the Divine guidance we are always receiving.