Charlene wanted to have a Scalar Heart Connection session because she felt uninspired and disconnected from her passion and purpose.

Charlene’s heart directed her to the Crown Chakra and to the Emotion of “Meaning and Purpose.”

The Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern for the Crown Chakra is 8-5-2. This pattern informs us that at a deeper level Charlene’s Issue is a calling to transform personal desire into desire for the common good of the group or global community (8th house). The Obstacle is about self-identity and how Charlene expresses her full creativity and self-confidence (5th house). The Action called for in this pattern is to release worries and anxieties about having enough personal resources, both physically and energetically (2nd house). As Charlene will discover later in the session, she is being asked to strengthen her sense of self-worth and to re-connect to the world with a new sense of vitality and purpose.

Charlene’s heart guided her to the number related to the Negative Mind-Brain Conditioned Response or belief: “I am disconnected from Source.”

The Positive Heart Response message from Charlene’s heart was: “Life inspires me.” And the Organ Mentor statement was: “I accept and express my Divine right to personal power.”

Charlene’s heart directed her to the Psychological Level and the statement: “Over Guarding/Over Protecting.

The next step was to find the Earlier Experience or trauma that created the disconnection from meaning and purpose that Charlene was feeling. Her heart directed her to Genetic/Ancestral and specifically to: “Dad.” Charlene said her dad was depressed after his service in World War II. It all got too much for him after the war. He was on the front line for three years. War disconnected him from Source. Life was no longer inspiring. He was a family man. He enjoyed horses and his ranch and was involved in the community, but he just had too many wounds and pain.”

Charlene realized that her discomfort in feeling uninspired and disconnected to her passion and purpose was coming from her father. She could feel her father’s presence in the room. She could also feel his pain, isolation, and sadness. Charlene had earlier invited her friend, Maria, to sit in on the session. We asked Maria to be a proxy for Charlene’s dad. Maria was inspired to say, “I am sorry Charlene that I was not able to show you the life I imagined.” Charlene responded, “You were such a wonderful father to me. I love you.”

The Unmet Heart Need Charlene’s heart chose for her was: “Peace.” Charlene said her father never spoke a word about his experiences on the war front. She was grateful that her heart had led her to a session that would help her father find peace.

Charlene’s heart guided her to the Archetypal Hero Pattern: 10-2-4. The 10th house of this pattern represents a deeper level behind the Issue. Specifically, it tells us that depression and despair can affect our sense of self-worth and our ability to contribute to the global community. This made sense to Charlene when she put it in the context of her father’s trauma. The 2nd house is the deeper aspect of the Obstacle. It is about discerning what is truly valuable and useful for our evolution/personal transformation. Here, we learn to release our worries and anxieties and become grateful for what we have and the opportunity to share our gifts and wisdom with others. Charlene was being asked to re-connect with Source and the Divine. In this way, she can reconnect with purpose from a place of inspiration. The Action called for in the 4th house is to re-examine our purpose and to overcome the fears and suppressed emotions stemming from past experiences.

Charlene’s response (the Story) to the session was, “Wow!” She realized that she was carrying a cellular memory/epigenetic pattern from her father’s trauma from the war. “My dad was forced to kill when in his heart he was a peaceful man. He became disconnected from purpose and finding meaning in this messed up world. I am connected to my dad’s depression and lack of motivation to get out in the world. Something in my dad gave up. I always felt like I carry his weight.” At that moment a thunderstorm broke out over head and the house rattled. There was a huge shift in the air. We all laughed with relief.

The Positive Statement Charlene created was: “I am free now to live a life of inspiration, personal power, and passion.”

The Mind Resistance to Charlene’s new intention was: “I have to be better than I am to be loved.” Charlene realized that the session had been about her father. Therefore, the mind-resistance was her father’s resistance. She allowed her father’s voice to speak through her: “I regret that I was not a better father. I didn’t believe I was loved. Otherwise I would not have been put on the front-line. I didn’t give myself permission to be loved by God after all the horrible things I did in the war.” Charlene realized that she had carried her father’s belief of not feeling worthy of being powerful or inspired or connected to the Divine. Maria was inspired to speak as Charlene’s dad: “I merged with the light when I died; all that doesn’t hold anymore. I am at peace now.”

The Quantum Healing Code Charlene’s heart guided her to listen to was the Open Heart Chord.

Charlene’s Positive Action was to get a massage. She said, “Yes, I have been holding a lot of tension.”