Twenty-four year-old Julie became increasingly uncomfortable with her emotions. She was struggling not to get caught up in the drama they presented. She said her habit was to send all her emotions through her thinking filter, which she said was annoying because her thinking judges and criticizes. She wanted to do a Scalar Heart Connection session to see if she could gain insight from her heart on how to deal with her emotions.

Julie’s heart informed her that that the Emotional Center holding her discomfort was the Crown chakra. The Quantum Healing Code Archetypal Pattern for the Crown chakra is the 8-5-2 pattern. This pattern informs us that Julie’s Issue is related to depression arising from unresolved emotions from the past. The 8-5-2 pattern also informs us that Julie’s Obstacle or challenge is to examine her heart’s desire to control or satisfy her ego without consideration of others. The resolution or Action calls for Julie to release her worries, strengthen her sense of self-worth and trust in the wisdom of the heart and the Divine.

The emotion activated in the Crown chakra was: Meaning and Purpose. Julie’s heart guided her to the Negative Mind-brain Conditioning statement: Change is dangerous. To this, Julie responded, “I get stuck in these weird OCD loops. I’m afraid to let go of things from my past because there are also good parts of me there. I feel like there is a light in my past that is not reclaimed so I’m afraid to throw my past away. This means I can’t change because I can’t let certain things in. My guard is up to anything that would bring me pain – emotions bring pain.

Next, Julie’s heart directed her to the Positive Heart Response: Life is an adventure – it is easy. The Organ Mentor was the Nervous System with the statement: My life is perfect synchronicity and flow.

The Level of Julie’s unresolved Issue was on the Emotional level. Julie wasn’t surprised since her emotions had driven her to want the session in the first place.

Julie’s heart then directed her to the Birth Process as the place where the limiting belief first arose. Specifically, her heart directed her to the seventh month in the womb. Julie was born during the month of Leo. Counting backwards two months places Julie under the influence of Gemini in the seventh month in the womb. This is when her parents split up. She still carries the belief that she was responsible for their divorce and more so that she wasn’t wanted. Julie’s Chiron is in Gemini. Chiron represents the early wound. She said, “I was the cause of my parent’s breaking up. I was a bad mistake. I caused all this pain. I can’t let go of this belief system because I might kill something good about myself if I do.” 

Julie confided that in the past she suffered with suicidal thoughts and was prone to self mutilation with razor blades. “I don’t allow myself to feel love; it keeps me safe. I measure my self-worth by how I feel.” According to Julie’s birth chart, the Moon (emotions) is in her Second house; the house of what we value. The Chiron wound in the house of Gemini explains, in part, why she feels compelled to filter her emotions through the critical judgment of her mind instead of allowing her heart to be her guide.

Julie’s early experience in the womb created a resonance pattern that blocked out the vibration of Appreciation. Appreciation of self was her Unmet Heart Need.

Julie’s heart then directed her to the 10-6-4 Hero Archetypal Pattern. The 10-6-4 pattern places Julie’s Issue in the Tenth House, where depression and despair or obstacles and social structures/barriers can affect the Hero’s sense of self-worth. The Obstacle in the Sixth House challenges the Hero to rise above the lower mind’s tendency to judge and criticize and embrace the high, Virgo mind of discernment. This doesn’t mean the traumatic events in the past should be forgotten, ignored, or suppressed, but rather, we acknowledge them as parts of ourselves that provided the wisdom and strength of character necessary to help others. The Sixth House teaches us to expand our heart wide enough to fit our unpleasant past and still have room left over for other people’s problems. The Action called for in the Fourth House is the recognition that life’s experiences and what we feel have a way of forcing the Hero into action. The Hero is called to re-examine their purpose and overcome their fears stemming from childhood memories and suppressed emotions.

Julie felt that her heart was telling her to connect with people from her heart; to see the adventure of life through the eyes of the heart. She realized that the light was always with her. The darkness from her early experience blocked out the light but the light is who she is on the inside. She felt ready to let go of the rage she felt from the past knowing that the good parts of her will always remain in her heart. She said, “I need to learn to live with compassion for myself and for others.”

The insights from her heart helped Julie create her Positive Statement: I live life with joy and ease and with compassion for myself and others.

Next, Julie’s heart directed her to the Mind Resistance to her Positive Statement. Her heart showed her the statement: If I change, I will abandon those I love. To this, Julie said, “If I change I will abandon that critical, judging voice in myself. I am learning who I am not, and I am not my emotions.”

Julie’s heart then gave her the Quantum Healing Code 639, related to the Throat chakra, which is about creative self-expression. Julie said she wants to be a singer, and smiled.