By Maria Elena Boekemeyer

At a recent healing festival I attended, a girl in her late teens stopped by. She was accompanied by six-year-old Rose. The two girls met at the festival. “Rose is sad,” the older girl told me. “But she won’t say why.” Rose, a skinny girl with blonde hair, stood in front of me with her smile turned upside-down and staring to the ground. “Do you know what happens when we stay sad for too long?” Rose shook her head side to side.

“It’s okay to feel sad sometimes, for a little bit, but if we feel sad for a very long, long time we can turn blue.”

“Blue like the tarp?” Rose pointed to the bright blue tarp that was bracing my booth against the wind and sun. She ran around to the other side of the tarp and showed me her cobalt blue silhouette.

“Exactly! You have a choice now. You can turn blue or you can replace it with the opposite. What is the opposite of sadness?”

Rose smiled, “Being happy, feeling joy!”

I took my iPhone out of my purse and opened the ASK YOUR HEART app (the short and quick version of the Scalar Heart Connection process), which is short and sweet and perfect for working with children.

“Would you like to leave the blue behind and replace the vibration of sadness with happiness and joy?” I asked Rose. She nodded, agreeing to the process of letting go of what was keeping her stuck in sad-mode. I asked her to ask her heart to show her a number one through seven. Choosing numbers comes naturally for children. They love being active participants in the process.

Rose picked the number related to the Throat Chakra and the Emotion of Grief. I asked her if someone close to her had passed away recently or had she lost something close to her that is causing her to feel this very deep sadness. She immediately began to cry. Between the tears she started naming seven of her friends who left her in the past two years. These were best friends in school who didn’t show up after summer vacation. She played with them every day during the school year and during the summer they had moved away without a word.

I asked Rose to choose another number so we could find out what her mind was thinking about the situation (the Negative Mind-brain Conditioning). She chose the number related to: “I am afraid to express my truth.” Rose was not able to understand what happened to her friends and was unable to verbalize the grief and deep sadness she felt. Rose shared that she made a new friend at the festival and they played together for a while and the next day her new friend was nowhere to be found. Rose felt that she had left her just like all the others. Later that day, Rose met an older, teenage, friend, and was afraid she too would abandon her. “My friends leave me; I am left alone; I am sad without my friends.”

After Rose expressed how she felt about her friends disappearing from her life I had a chance to share and explain to her that friends sometimes move away, parents get new jobs, and families tend to relocate. And, in life, we are always making new friends. She agreed. I reassured her that those who move away will always stay connected to us forever in our heart. All we have to do is tap into our heartbeat and think about them and we can feel their heartbeat.

Next, Rose asked her heart to show her a number related to the Unmet Heart Need. This is the positive feeling or resonance that was lost due to the overwhelming vibration of grief. Rose chose the number related to Joy. For Rose, the vibration of Joy was the antidote to the vibration of Grief.

Rose was delighted with the magic of the game ASK YOUR HEART. It had confirmed what she already knew she needed— JOY.

Rose then asked her heart to show her a number related to the Positive Heart Message. The number she chose was related to the statement: “I breathe in life fully.”

She picked a Quantum Healing Code and while lying on the healing table I moved my cell phone over her body in figure-eight motions. The tone played while I passed the phone over her root chakra, crossing over her throat chakra, then up to the crown and down again. At the same time, Rose breathed-in the feeling of Joy and breathed-out the sadness of Grief. The tone helped Rose to integrate the feeling of joy and to dissolve the feeling of grief and sadness.

After the tone stopped, Rose gave me a big smile and a hug. She then jumped off the table full of joy and back into play-mode again. She left behind two years of unspoken sadness.

Maria Elena Boekemeyer is a Certified Heart Connector.